‘My wife encourages me to be real while playing romantic roles’-Yemi Blaq

Yemi Blaq is a popular Nollywood actor who won the maiden edition of Celebrity Takes 2. He is the lead actor in the multi-million naira 500-cast movie, Eko, The blessing of Olofin. In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on the role, his wife and why he has not been featuring in films recently…

Why did you take the lead role in the multi-million naira movie, Eko?

The benchmark of my person is quality. I took a stand that I will only accept good works. At this time and period of my career, I will only be identified with quality stories. I don’t joke with my standard.  Remember my wife is the best writer in Nollywood. Thus, when I was called and I read the script and saw the quality of cast involved, I agreed unconditionally.

Which movie has your wife written?

She wrote the film, the Distance Between. If you go to the archives you will find it there. It was directed by Uzo Ojukwu and starred myself, Rita Dominic and Mercy Johnson in 2007. It was an amazing piece of work. She also has a blog.  It was not a statement based on emotion but on facts.

How did you meet her?

We met when she was shooting a movie, Growing Up. I got involved and subsequently we kept communicating.  And here we are today as a couple. We have been together now for eight years.

How will you describe the experience?

It’s been very interesting. We are both an engaging and evolving couple. We evolve every day. We are like a layer of onion. We evolve layer by layer.

Is she not threatened by your romantic roles?

She is not.  When she wrote her film, the character I was to play was very romantic. I was paired with Mercy Johnson. We were cautious but she put her feet down and said we have to make it look very real. She knows once I’m on set I love to play my role very well.  I am a professional to the core. I do it not because I am involved with the lady but as a professional I have to make it look real.  If I now get entangled to a woman outside the set, I have a query to answer. She is a mature and understanding woman. Having adventure with another woman is very dangerous.

You have not featured in most recent movies?

Some actors take every job that comes their way. They also play any role they see, but I don’t. I have my benchmark and I don’t go below that. I don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.  I just finished shooting a movie at Benin alongside Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin. I am also going to Ghana to shoot a movie. I don’t sacrifice my brand on the altar of quantity. I want to leave behind a living legacy in this industry.

What role did you play in this film?

I am acting as a warlord in Eko, The Blessing of Olofin. It will be a benchmark in the history of Nollywood. I am putting my name on it.

How will you cope with Yoruba language?

I told them that I am Yoruba to the core. I can communicate effectively. That’s not an issue and luckily I have a good director, Femi Bright.




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