Nigerians applaud Buhari’s US trip (2)

President Muhammadu Buhari has received a resounding yes from Nigerians over his July 20-23 visit to the United States of America, in which he met President Barack Obama.

The visit which was largely geared towards getting the support of the world’s most powerful nation, especially in tackling insecurity and corruption, was in the eyes of Nigerians who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly, a beneficial one.

‘I don’t think it will change anything’- PASTOR NATHANIEL OTOROLEHI

Buhari’s trip to the US was uncalled for because they have not been supportive of Nigeria in recent times.

As analysts have noted, the volume of trade between Nigeria and the US has seriously reduced since 2012. They have also not allowed us to buy arms to fight insurgents.

And I don’t think they would change their policy even after Buhari’s needless visit.

‘Buhari’s visit to Obama wasn’t a waste at all’ – SEUN ATILADE

Buhari’s visit to Obama wasn’t a waste at all, it’s a trip that should be applauded by all well meaning Nigerians. By my knowledge of international relations, I think Buhari has done nothing wrong by visiting Obama at this crucial time of Nigeria’s social-economic problem.

Also, security wise, we need the backing and advice of US government which was one of the reasons for the visit. It’s not a kind of jamboree embarked on by Jonathan’s administration, where our money was siphoned. To me, Buhari’s visit to US was more of benefit to Nigeria than the negative comments by some people.

‘Buhari’s visit to America has loads of gains’- ENGR. SMART NWANGWA

Of course, Buhari’s visit to America has loads of gains. They’ve agreed to help us recover stolen funds and checkmate corruption.

Washington and Abuja would also be co-operating in many other areas. So, the visit was not in vain, if we are realistic.

‘His visit to America will produce a positive result’- NNAEMEKA ENERE

One thing I find very unfortunate with us Nigerians is that we are highly impatient, and we unrealistically expect things to become perfect overnight. We fail to acknowledge the fact that the rot in the system is beyond imagination.

So, I believe our president’s visit to America will turn out to be a milestone achievement in his tenure when the benefits start becoming clear to all of us. I must say that the PDP should just allow Buhari do his thing as he knows how to.

He is working, he is taking his time. They did not do any better when they were in power for very long. Isn’t it better to take your time then get it right, rather than rush things to satisfy people and mess things up for all of us? I fully back the president and the pace he is working at.

‘I don’t see any sense in him travelling every week’- NKECHI JOHNSON

I was one of the people criticizing Jonathan until Buhari took over. I don’t see any sense in him travelling every week. May I ask you why he is travelling. More people die daily in Borno than ever before, so, his travelling has not made any sense. They said during his campaign that he will lead the military to fight Boko Haram, I am still waiting for that.

‘It’s an interesting one’- KHADIJAT ADENIYI

First, it is an impressive feat that Nigeria’s president was invited personally by a sitting president of the United States for discussion, more so a president that is less than three months in office. Aside that, Buhari did not go there for a jamboree, it was a serious voyage to the country.

Through that, he has got US commitment in helping battle Boko Haram, has strengthened ties between the two countries, the World Bank has offered some money to the country, and others like that. It is a sign of many good things to come.

If reports are to be believed, it also means we have the identity of some oil thieves and now we can better track funds that were embezzled and stored abroad. Overall, I would say it was not a waste of our public funds, except that the bogus entourage.

‘If that trip was useful we should have started seeing the benefits’- ARANMOLATE OLAOLUWA

We are talking about reformulating our government that is filled with corruption, bad roads, insecurity, etc and in the first few months of being in office our president is travelling to US. If that trip was useful we should have started seeing the benefits by now.

‘Those criticizing the trip are misguided elements’- SEWA BABALOLA

The visit, to me, didn’t cost Nigeria much unlike what we used to hear in the past. And this time around, Nigeria is in a difficult situation, especially concerning the issue of security. Those criticizing the trip are misguided elements.

I know very soon, we will soon be enjoying the gains of the trip. We only need to exercise patience with Buhari and his team. I am quite sure Nigeria will be better than he met it.

‘The man is just travelling unnecessarily’- BAYO ADEKUMBI

The man is just travelling unnecessarily. What has he done since he started travelling? Nothing! They are still killing in the north, I regret voting him to power really.

‘I didn’t find it productive’- EMENIKE JUNIOR

I didn’t find it productive. At this point Nigeria is, he doesn’t have to travel. Even if he has to not at this point of Nigeria’s crisis.



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