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Nigerians berate Nnamdi Kanu for flouting bail conditions

-Call for caution over plan to re-arrest him

Vast majority of Nigerians have been slamming the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu since he has started flouting his bail conditions shortly after his release a couple of months back.  

As many spoke to described him as an ingrate, others condemned him for deliberately embarking on an act inimical to the unity of the country. They, therefore, supported plan for his arrest but called for serious caution in doing that so as not to throw the entire country into another civil war or any crisis that can further destabilize the country.


‘The man is an ingrate, he should be re-arrested fast’ – AJIBADE OGUNDIPE

“Nnamdi KANU is an ingrate, I think he should be arrested. And Federal Government shouldn’t waste much time before doing so. Although, I agree with those saying his arrest may cause confusion in the country, especially those that believe in his dream, notwithstanding, he shouldn’t be left like that.

Though, if we look at it critically, he’s only being desperate to seek unnecessary relevance. So, government may still have to take necessary caution before rearresting him in order to save the country from undue crisis.”


‘He should be called to order by true Igbo leaders’ – JOHN ODIGIE

“People are only interested in glamorising nonsense in this country. He should just be ignored. What I am sure of is that many Igbo sons and daughtets don’t buy his idea. He’s just a rabble rouser. But for flouting the bail conditions, I think court should re-arrest him. He can’t take the whole country for a fool.”


‘There’s nothing wrong in re-arresting him, but with a serious caution’ – OJO ALOGBA

“What Nnamdi KANU is doing is illegal. He just wants to cause another civil war, but he won’t succeed by God’s grace. He’s a notorious criminal. He can’t be bigger than Nigeria, it’s only that the government should take it easy with him so that his re-arrest won’t lead to a crisis the country won’t be able to curtail.”


‘I support Kanu’s re-arrest’ – JOEL MATHIAR

Not that what KANU is doing is good by flouting all his bail conditions, especially by embarking on open campaign. He’s trying to mock the court that granted him bail. And I believe Buhari is also being careful about his case so as not to cause ethnic violence, especially between the north and the east. The man needs to be called to order before destabilizing the country further.’


‘Buhari should be very careful about the guy’ – OBI UZOR

“Although, what the guy is doing is illegal, not that Buhari should go for his arrest as being advised. He needs to be very careful about the issue. I don’t think KANU is really campaigning for any Biafran secession as being painted. He is only looking for recognition. And he doesn’t care where the agitation lands him. He’s ready to lay down his life. That’s why the Federal Government must be cautioned seriously in his cade so as not to put the country in unnecessary trouble. As far as I am concerned, I don’t believe in any Biafran agenda, I am a Nigerian. The unity of the country is very important. But if we look at it very well, the quit notice earlier issued by Arewa youths was also capable of destabilizing the country. The issue shouldn’t have been treated with bias.”


‘Kanu is only fighting a wrong battle’ – EZEKIEL OBIEKWU

“The man is not a serious person at all. He is only fighting a wrong and futile battle. His attitude is wrong. Though, I may be an Igbo man, I don’t support what he’s doing. How can you be released on conditions and yet, you flouted all the conditions? That’s very wrong. That means he doesn’t appreciate what the government did for him. But there should be serious caution about his matter because his arrest may spur crisis across the country.”


‘The Igbo should not echo his voice’ – SAM EJIRO

“The man is only looking for attention by all means. I think that’s the reason he is flouting his bail conditions. And he also understands  that Buhari won’t want to order his arrest again to avoid plunging the nation into chaos. But all I know is that if he exhausts Buhari’s patience, he will be re-arrested at last. To me, it’s a serious crime disregarding bail conditions, especially when the crime is a very serious one like that of Kanu. But instead of some Igbo leaders calling him to order, some are still backing him. They should all speak in one voice and shun his Biafra agitation.”


‘Nnamdi Kanu is not my leader’ – OKONKWO AGNES

“I dont understand what people are celebrating in Kanu. I don’t in anyway see him as a leader as far as Ndigbo is concerned. He is just a noise maker, a tout looking for undue relevance. That’s why he is causing confusion here and there. I support his arrest but the government should just exercise a little more patience to see if he will repent. He’s just looking for trouble at all cost because his family is abroad. And if anything happens, it will be easy for him to escape. No reasonable Igbo son or daughter is ready for any Biafra again. We can’t afford any civil war in Nigeria again. KANU is just on his own.”


‘Government needs to arrest the guy’ – SOLA OGUNTADE

“The government doesn’t need to waste more time before arresting Kanu. He is not bigger than Nigeria. Although there is need for caution in his case to avoid civil war.”


‘Buhari should just ignore him’ – ISIAQ ALABI

“I don’t think it’s necessary ordering the arrest of Kanu. He is just a noise maker. He is only pretending to be a social crusader. He has selfish agenda. That’s why most Igbo leaders are not interested in his campaign. But concerning his planned rearrest by the Federal Government, Buhari shouldn’t do that. He should just ignore him. I believe after some time, the whole thing will die down.”






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