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Nigerians blast Jonathan over comment on Dasukigate

– Want former president probed

Majority of Nigerians seem not to be happy with former president Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan over his comment on the ongoing anti-corruption crusade of his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari, especially as it affects arms procurement fund of $2.1 bn, allegedly diverted by the embattled former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki.

The former president reportedly argued, while speaking to news men in Oxford, United Kingdom recently, that Dasuki, who is awaiting trial on the issue, didn’t  steal the controversial fund. He added that his administration actually equipped the Nigerian military with warships, fighter jets and more.

However, some Nigerians spoke to on this development expressed anger and displeasure over the former president’s statement, insisting he should be probed along Dasuki, the prime suspect in the saga.

‘I disagree with Jonathan’ – Lowo Adegbenjo
I am disappointed in former president Jonathan on his comment on Dasuki issue. He should also be probed alongside Dasuki. What he said was an indication that he knew about it, and must be made to defend his words in court.


‘He is not a serious human being’ – Wale Mustapha
I don’t think the man is serious for that comment. Does it mean he doesn’t feel the way majority of Nigerians feel about Boko Haram’s dastardly activities? That means he should be held responsible for all the damages caused by the insurgents. If Dasuki didn’t steal the money, that means he’s the one who authorised him to spend the money the way he had done. I think Jonathan should be probed also.”

‘He made a reckless statement’ – Gideon Edward

‘I am an Ijaw man, I didn’t expect Jonathan to have said that. I think he should be made to account for the reason he made that comment. If the money had been channelled to appropriate quarters, the Nigerian military would have been better equipped, and facing Boko Haram wouldn’t have been that difficult.




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