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Nigerians condemn NFF N20,000 reward for Golden Eaglets


On Sunday, November 8, 2015, the Nigerian Under 17 team won the Junior World Cup for the fifth time since the tournament started in 1985. But shockingly, the elated and joyous boys were only paid N20,000 each by Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) for the historic achievement.

This has been generating reactions across the country and beyond, especially among soccer fans. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views about this poured out their anger, insisting the reward was ridiculous and discouraging.


‘The boys have done us proud on the global stage’ – Emmanuel Kujero

The boys have done us proud on the global stage, even when many didn’t believe in them following their performance at African championship, the least we can do is make them feel like one of us.

Yes, it’s a good thing for the fact that they were given a good reception when they came back, but it goes beyond that. They are young, they need to be properly motivated, but N20,000 in this current Nigeria, with the cost of living shooting off the roof, what difference will that make in their lives?

Even if they can’t give them money, things like scholarship, gifts should do.


‘This is not to down play the achievement of the boys’ – Cobhams Oto-Obong

This is one thing we should purge out of our system, lavishing money on things that are totally unnecessary. This is not to down play the achievement of the boys, they’ve done well, kudos to them. But if we are discussing compensating them to the tune that we’ve always done, I don’t think I’m in support of that.

The N20,000 is laughable, it won’t do anything. Yet, let’s not lavish money on them, we have more pressing concerns to tactle.


‘Why would they pay those boys such a ridiculous amount of money?’ – David Ossai

Why would they pay those boys such a ridiculous amount of money? This is one of the reasons Nigerians don’t want to serve their fatherland again. Federal Government should intervene and reward these boys handsomely.


‘Laudable compensation will go a long way’ – Isaac Nwokoye

The boys have put in effort and I think they should be rewarded accordingly. What can N20,000 do in this present Nigeria? And it’s not like the boys are from wealthy homes. Many of them are from humble back – ground and any laudable compensation will go a long way.

If they can’t give them monetary reward, things like scholarship, decent accommodation and the likes would really be okay.


‘N1 million each is good for the boys’ – Abass Mohammed

It’s very ridiculous. At least they should have been given investment like things that would last. Better still N1 million each.


‘It’s ridiculously small’ – Kuseme Adele

It’s ridiculously small. They’re not encouraging these boys. When it’s time for another competition, they won’t be motivated to play well. Those boys should have been given at least N500,000 each or more.


‘The N20,000 is too small for champions’ – Yekini Fouad

In my opinion, the N20,000 is too small for champions. They won the trophy, they deserve to be treated like kings. They deserve much more than that. They deserve to be compensated in millions.


‘I was really disappointed’ – Dele Jinadu

It is ridiculous to give those extremely hardworking boys such little pay after doing so well. I was really disappointed in NFF when I heard it. I can’t state specifically how much they should be given or how they should be rewarded but they should be well taken care of.


‘I can’t count what the NFF did for the boys as a reward but evil’ – Obi Uzor

I can’t count what the NFF did for the boys as a reward but evil. It’s very appalling and unacceptable. How can they give a winning team that kind of money as compensation? There is nowhere in the world where things are done in that way. I was shocked to hear that the boys were only given N20,000 each.

Would that be the total reward for that kind of effort. The money was just for them to transport themselves back to their respective villages and later the government would organize something better for them?

We’re all waiting because most Nigerians expected that they would be given houses and streets or roads named after them after paying them reasonable cash, but what now happened is unbelievable.

I personally believe all has not ended, something better must come. If that’s not done, that means we’re not encouraging these boys to go higher in their career, which is bad. So, let’s wait and see.


‘The N20,000 reward for the Under 17 team is ridiculous’ – Blessing Nejor

The N20,000 reward for the Under 17 team is ridiculous. They’re supposed to be compensated handsomely so that their morale would be boosted. But I believe that’s just from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). President Muhammadu Buhari may still do more because these young guys must be encouraged.

They must be rewarded well with property and cash that would remain memorable in their lives. That N20,000 each is not only a cheating but a national disgrace.


‘The N20,000 is too small compared to the glory’ – Adeyanju Bunmi

The N20,000 compensation is too small compared to the honour they brought the country. When last did the Golden Eaglets win a cup. They deserve better treatment than.


‘NFF should be ashamed to mention such small amount’ – Ike Oluwa Popoola

NFF should be ashamed to mention such small amount. Those girls deserve better treatment. If they don’t get good treatment, they wouldn’t honour any of their call again.



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