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Nigerians groan over fall in standard of living

Standard of living has fallen drastically, and it’s really affecting every average Nigerian as some have resorted to eating only twice in a day now, instead of the normal three square meals daily.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also confirmed the ugly trend…


‘The Lord is our strength’ – Ajayi Boluwatife

The Lord is our strength. We are coping by God’s grace and we hope for better times. I think the main cause of all these is the past administration, people looted a lot of money under Jonathan’s administration thereby making it difficult for the present administration to function well.

I believe that God will intervene and the government also should try and make it easy for us. They should create employment for the youth and pay workers their salaries.


‘There is hardship in the country’ – Mr. Alonge

There is hardship in the country, no work, no money. People are just buying on credit. It is really getting out of hand. We can’t cope anymore.

I think the cause of this is because there is not enough money in circulation. Government should award contracts, put enough money in circulation so that this suffering can stop.


‘That is not a new thing now’ – Ngozi Okorie

The standard of living has collapsed due to the bad shape of the economy. Many people have reduced their spending. I started noticing it when the cost of food stuff started increasing, everything just catapulted.

I have not stopped enjoying anything but things have truly changed in prices. It has not been easy but I thank God.


‘Price of everything has gone up’ – Samuel Kingsley

I would agree with you on that, especially with the price of everything going up. Before, we spent on the average N12,000 to N17,000 on food every month and that’s because we try to buy at the beginning of the month and my wife knows how to get some really good bargain deals.

We’ve had to cut down on some things. I don’t buy yam and beans like I used to.


‘Things are hard, my brother’ – Mrs. Folashade

Things are hard, my brother. Are you not in this country? Everything has gone up. Food stuff, chicken, clothes, even my daughter’s school has increased their fees. I don’t know how they expect somebody to survive in this situation. But we thank God that despite all these challenges, God is keeping us.


‘It’s true that standard of living has gone down drastically’ – Bernard Uzochukwu

It’s true that standard of living has gone down drastically. No average Nigerian can boast of three square meals now. Even the two square meals people resort to are not necessarily quality food. I couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore because it has gone up a little, and there’s no corresponding increase in my salary.

So, I am contemplating moving into a two-bedroom if things continue like this till third quarter of this year. Even, the situation has started affecting the education of my children. I am really finding it difficult to pay their school fees. Life is very expensive now in Nigeria, not only here in Lagos. So, if I decide to move to my village, it’s still the same thing.


‘It’s very obvious’ – Musibaudeen Ayobo

You don’t need to ask whether one notices the fall in standard of living. It’s very obvious. Even the rich are also crying. I think the only hope Nigerians have now is in God, not in Buhari’s administration again because nothing has really changed since he became president.

As a bread winner, I have been failing in my duty. I can’t even put good and quality food on the table for my family. We eat what we see now. No more three square meals. But in all, I still thank God because if there is life, there is hope. The only advice I have for Buhari is to act fast on agriculture and energy sector so that poverty in the land can be reduced drastically.



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