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Nigerians lambast FRSC over new number plate enforcement

‘You must obey court order’

FOLLOWING the Wednesday, March 26, 2014 court judgement that faulted the powers of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to design, produce and enforce new vehicle number plates on motorists, not a few Nigerians have been rapping the commission over its misinterpretation of the landmark court judgement.

The FRSC had, in a press release on Friday, March 28, 2014, claimed that Justice James Tsoho of the Federal High Court, Lagos, didn’t rule against their statutory powers to design and produce the new number plates.  Speaking through the commission’s Public Education Officer, Jonas Agwu, FRSC said the court only held they can’t fix a deadline for the enforcement of the controversial new number plate.  The commission in its bid to jettison Justice Tsoho’s unambiguous judgement cited another ruling by the same judge that upheld the cops’ statutory powers to determine the categories of number plates to be used by vehicles and enforce same.  The Corps Public Education Officer further stated that the case between Brent Williams Limited and FRSC was subsequently dismissed by Justice Tsoho in favour of the commission with a cost of N150,000 against the plaintiff.

FRSC Legal Adviser, Assistant Corps Marshal George Olaniran also said they would appeal against the recent court order which faulted the commission’s powers to set a deadline for a change over to the new number plate.

But wondering what FRSC stands to gain from enforcing the new number plate design, production and administration, motorists and angry Nigerians have been chiding the commission.  While urging them to obey the law, many used the opportunity to vent their spleen against FRSC position on the matter as well as their men and officers’ alleged inappropriate and anti-peoples’ conduct.

‘FRSC should obey the law’ -COMRADE HENRY ROWLANDS

“What the court said is different from the opinion of the FRSC legal team or propaganda machinery.  They have to obey the law first before they appeal.”

‘Thank you Justice Tsoho’ -AYODELE AINA

“Thank you, Mr. Judge.  May your days be long on earth.  Agents of government at all levels are always at our throat with dubious laws and orders.  This is just one of the many examples of lawlessness.  Look at what is happening in Nigeria, people will build roads, provide social amenities, local government agents will be collecting tenement rates.  Now, the FRSC wants us to pay over N35,000 for new number plates and other fees.  This judgement is in the interest of the masses and they have to obey it to the letter.”

‘They want an avenue to make money’ -MORAKINYO GOSI

“It is unfortunate to have allowed this issue to get to this stage before challenging it in court.  From the day the idea of a new number plate was suggested by the FRSC boss, I knew he just wanted to create an avenue to make his own money and for highly placed Nigerians connected with FRSC.  There is no reason for new number plates.  The issue of new driving licence is also another avenue of enriching the Corps Marshal Osita Chidoka and other vested interest groups.  The court judgement is coming rather too late, if you ask me.”

‘FRSC corps marshal should resign now’- FLORENCE CHIGBU

“I’m very delighted to hear about the Wednesday, March 26, 2014 court judgement.  The Corps Marshal, Osita Chidoka should resign now.  FRSC has turned itself to a revenue generating outfit instead of ensuring safety on our roads which is their statutory duty.  Ask FRSC how many vehicles they have already registered, I’m sure they don’t even know.  They have no solid data base.  All they know is fine, fine and fine.  Nigerians should join hands with Mr. Ofoegbu should FRSC appeal against the judgement.  We must ensure this judgement is enforced.  The copy of the judgement should also be made public so we can photocopy it and show to FRSC officials who may want to feign ignorance of this landmark judgement.”

‘FRSC boss should be arrested and prosecuted’ -RAYMOND AKINLADE

“Is it not better for the FRSC boss to be arrested and prosecuted or at least resign for this illegality?  Can the court order the FRSC to compensate Nigerians for this fraud?  This is a terrible country.”

‘FRSC should accept their fate’ -FOLAJIMI

“This is laudable, commendable and courageous on the part of the lawyer (Ofoegbu) and the judge (Hon. Justice Tsoho).  But trust FRSC, they would appeal this judgement instead of accepting their error of judgement and gross disservice to the people.  It is not in their character to serve the people but to inflict more pains and insult on our collective sensibilities under one disguise or the other in their quest, they forget to check the law governing their operations.  They forgot there are learned people here.  Bravo Barrister Emmanuel Ofoegbu.”

‘FRSC guys should be careful with Nigerians’ -SUNDAY BAMIGBOYE

“I thank the judge and the man that challenged the FRSC in court.  I think FRSC should not test the will of Nigerians.”

‘They are out to exploit us’ -AUSTINE AMOLO

“Fantastic judgement.  Every ministry, department and agency (MDAs) in Nigeria are out to exploit citizens.  Where does the hope of Nigerians lie?  Is new number plate the problem facing us as a nation at the moment.”

‘We must fight for our rights’ -BASSEY ASUQUO

“I thank and commend Barrister Ofoegbu and the activist who challenged FRSC.  I also commend the judge for his courageous judgement.  We, Nigerians, must continue to seek our rights through the courts.  The rule of law must prevail.  Revolution is not the solution, but we must challenge all illegalities including obnoxious laws and illegal fees/fines through appropriate channel which is the court of law.  This is the beauty of democracy.  God bless Nigeria.”

‘It’s time FG scrapped FRSC’ -OLU ADEBOYE

“I don’t know the relevance of the FRSC.  The body should be scrapped or merged with the police.  We don’t need them.”

‘FRSC corps marshal, Osita Chidoka must stop this lawlessness’ -BRIGHT ONYEMAZUWA

“My opinion is that the court ruling should be obeyed.  FRSC boss should halt this lawlessness.”

‘Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa and Emmanuel Ofoegbu have done us proud’ -ABIODUN ADENIRAN

“Emmanuel Ofoegbu, a lawyer instituted this case against the FRSC.  Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa another lawyer instituted a similar suit against the shylock Lagos State Government.  They both won the cases.  I’m proud of both men. If this is what lawyers do primarily in Nigeria instead of joining the oppressors to further oppress the masses or teaching the oppressors the legal technique of oppressing the masses, Nigeria would have been a sane society.  Some lawyers go about claiming they are human rights campaigners but they are actually rogues and looters.  A good man does not advertise himself but his works do.  FRSC has no option than to obey the law or their officials would be committed to prison for contempt of court.”

‘It’s no longer business as usual’ -EZEKWESIRI DIMKPA

For government officials whose aims are to continue to milk the masses dry, it is no longer business as usual.  More of these landmark judgements would come to save Nigerians from lawless agencies like the FRSC.”

‘FRSC should be scrapped’ -SHAKIRU ASHAMU

“FRSC should be scrapped because they are duplicating the job of the police, especially in Lagos State where you are arrested for similar offence by all sorts of corrupt traffic enforcement officers FRSC, LASTMA, VIO and even KAI.  If we have a functional police, we don’t need the services of these people as it is practiced in other countries.”

‘It’s victory for the masses’ -LAWRENCE N. LAWRENCE

“It is good news and victory for the masses.  Whether FRSC likes it or not, what the law says is that they can’t force new number plates on us.  I was once an offender of FRSC traffic law. I was ticketed a fine of N2,000.  In the course of our argument, I told them I will drag them to court for poor public enlightenment over the use of expired tyre.  The road safety man replied that they have young and better lawyers who can handle and teach my lawyer the rules also.  By this recent court declaration, I seize this opportunity to ask FRSC where are their young and better lawyers?  What they do these days is to ambush you and be checking your tyres.  There is no public enlightenment.  Why can’t they give fliers to motorists even if it is sold for N50 so that every motorists knows his right and left instead of FRSC ambushing them like touts.  May God help Nigeria.  Revolution is the answer, Confab or no Confab!”





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