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Nigerians lament harsh times (2)

No doubt, Nigeria’s economy is in a deplorable situation at the moment. And that has made survival extremely difficult for average Nigerians. Most people now live from hand to mouth, leaving little or nothing to save from their earnings.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views lamented poor standard of living and advised the government to embark on meaningful projects that will raise the hope of the suffering masses.



Yes, I will say things are harder than last year. But that is the way it has always been. There will always be a period when things are better than others. Life is about highs and lows. One thing I have learnt is to always trust in God no matter the circumstance, and that’s how I go through tough times. Like they say, tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Of course, I have had to make adjustments, especially in the area of things that are not all that important. Before on weekends, I regularly took my family out to have fun, but now we do it only during special occasions. Not as frequently as before.



Things are hard, yes. But I don’t agree that they are significantly different from other times. There’s no difference, except that during times like fuel scarcity, prices go up. Aside that, everything is as it has always been. The only thing I can say about how we cope is that God is faithful. Despite increase in school fees, high cost of food stuff, we are still here, going strong. It’s God’s grace, not by might or by power.



Times are not harder for now, because nothing good comes nice at first. To re-build a destroyed city or building, you have to pull the building down first and start the work again.

We are coping by the grace of God. The most important thing is not living above your means. There is no need to impress anybody.

What I want the government to do is to help our education sector. They should introduce vocational training in schools.

So, when any student graduates from school, he or she can start something on his or her own. If the government say they will provide jobs for the graduates every year that is a big lie. If they encourage our youth to learn something so that they can start out on their own, they don’t have to wait for white collar jobs. Every single soul is blessed with one talent or the other. They should stop forcing or making people feel like if you don’t read Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Business Administration, you can’t make it.



No, times aren’t harder. Instead I can say we are beginning to see little improvement, especially in areas of power supply and availability of fuel, cooking gas. Though the exchange rate is yet to improve significantly, I can say it’s better than few months back.

I am coping better really. The future is brighter knowing that our common wealth wouldn’t be squandered by some few rogues. Then there would be opportunities for all. I want government to double their efforts, recover our funds and channel them into people-oriented projects.



Each year is usually tougher than the previous, I don’t know why really. Studies have shown that every year will be tougher. So, we need to put a lot of things in place and plan ahead as well.

It is God, it is by His grace. If I tell you how much I spend every week, I just wonder where it comes from. Government should create job opportunities, make the environment conducive for business. There should be skill acquisition centres everywhere.



Sure, things are very hard mow and I believe it should be expected by most Nigerians, especially those of us within the average income. The way things are going, it will take some time before President Buhari can fix the economy because it has been badly damaged by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Unlike the previous years, I am yet to pay my children’s school fees. Even my rent is due and it has been increased. And my salary doesn’t come regularly as before and no other source of income. So, I can only hope on God for His mercies.



We should all expect what we’re experiencing now. Only a fool will expect Buhari to perform magic. It must surely take him some time to put the damaged economy to shape again. I am not finding things funny at the moment at all. The situation of things generally is nothing to write home about.

Even, to eat three square meals daily has become a serious challenge. Then, movement also consumes greater part of my income and yet the money is not flowing in as before. But all I know is that at the end of the tunnel, there is light.



Things are generally not easy at the moment but I believe with God, all things are possible. Since the beginning of this year, I knew that whether it’s Jonathan or Buhari, we’re not going to find things easy at first. And that’s exactly what we’re all going through now. But my hope is that everything will be normal before the end of this year.

Now, I find it difficult to fulfill all my responsibilities as a breadwinner. As Sallah is on door step now, I have no solid preparation unlike last year edition when I had bought fabrics for my children. Even, I am yet to pay my children’s school fees which is unusual.



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