Nigerians on challenges of getting PVC (2)

With over 45 million Nigerians in possession of their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), millions are yet to collect the essential card that qualifies them to vote at the forthcoming general elections. Some of them shared their travails, frustrations as well as triumphs (for those who have it) at INEC PVC Collection Centres…

‘I am yet to get it’ -IFEDAYO OKANLAWON

I like the fact INEC is sensitive to the plight of people and have extended the date for collection. I try once in a week or sometimes two times to go to the polling unit to collect my voter’s card, but I am yet to get it.

‘I just want to have that voter’s card’ -SANDRA NNADOZIE

The extension Jega gave will help a lot, especially for very busy persons like me. I am not planning to vote, I just want to have that voter’s card in case I need it. It can serve as ID card. I have written my name several times at the polling unit and INEC office, but I have not got it.

‘I am not sure of collecting my PVC’ -ADEWALE ALASE

I live in Oko-Oba, Orile, Agege, Lagos. I am not sure of collecting my PVC despite the extension of collection date.  I have gone to the unit many times, yet, it has been stories. I even learnt some people are paying to get the PVC which is outrightly illegal. What I suspect is that the powers that be don’t want some Nigerians to participate in the elections.

But whether or not they like it, who is destined to rule will emerge victorious.

‘My PVC is not ready’ -IBIAM HENRY

I have left work uncountable times to collect my PVC only for them to tell me that the PVC for those who registered in 2011 are not ready. I can’t go again and receive the same answer. So, I will wait till the last week of distribution before I go back.

‘I am yet to collect my PVC’ -AWOLADE ALABA

I am yet to collect my PVC and the way things are going, I don’t think I can get it before the elections. I should have supported the postponement of the elections if the period will be judiciously used to find lasting solution to non-availability of PVCs due to logistic problems as INEC claimed.

The situation right now at Unit 6 which comprises Olateju and Ogunmokun Streets, in Babalosa, Mushin, Lagos is that the INEC officials said they couldn’t find our names on the computer.

They said they will find solution to it. But since we have been visiting the centre, they have not been able to give us a clue as to how we would be duly registered for the elections. And before we know it, March 8, 2015, will soon be over, meaning that we have been technically disenfranchised. It’s sad and unfair. We want INEC to urgently address the issue before it’s very late.

‘I’ve not gotten mine yet’ -NIKE LAOYE

The extension of PVC collection is a good thing. Now, everyone can pick up their PVCs well ahead of the elections in March. I am still in the process of getting my own PVC. The extension has made it easier.


‘I hope I will get my soon’ -BUNMI AYINDE

It is a good development for me. A lot of people have said so many things but I don’t believe them all. I have not yet collected my own PVC. I hope I will be able to this time around.


‘No PVC, no election’- SAHEED BABALOLA

I’m yet to get my PVC. And that means, they are not yet ready for the elections. I pray INEC works smarter to ensure we all get our PVCs to participate in the elections.


‘INEC is not serious’- GRACE ALILI

I don’t think INEC is serious with the distribution of the PVC. I say so because nobody in my house has got PVC. This is unfair. I suggest they should allow us to use the temporary voter’s card.




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