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Nigerians pray for abducted Chibok girls

Nigerians are not happy that the Chibok school girls have spent over six months in captivity. And while criticizing the handling of the incident, they prayed for their release.


‘Chibok girls abduction is shame of the nation’ – KATE ROBBIN
It is only in Nigeria that over 200 girls would disappear without a trace. This is the shame of the nation. I only wish the effort to release them yields result soon.
Yes, I suspect foul play in the handling of the issue by the Federal Government and Boko Haram. The parties should be sincere, especially when lives of children are involved.

‘I pray daily for their release’ – QUEEN NWOKOYE
That these innocent children have been enslaved for over six months is painful. I pray daily for their release. I don’t know the politics involved but it’s obvious the girls were abducted.

‘There is still much to be done’ – MARY OYALUDE
It’s nothing but a slap on our dear country that over 200 girls could be held hostage for half a year. I don’t think those that committed one crime or the other could go through that kind of bitter experience.
It’s unbelievable! I am not in any way satisfied with the Federal Government’s efforts so far. There is still much to be done. And until these girls are released unharmed. I can’t praise the government or the military on whatever level of success they claimed they have recorded so far.
As far as I am concerned, there is conspiracy somehow somewhere. And until, that’s addressed, there can’t be permanent peace in that region.

‘Nigeria as a nation has lost the battle’ – ISIAKA AKINYELE
Let’s all agree that truly, the military is winning the war against Boko Haram insurgents, but the fact that the Chibok girls are still in the custody of their abductors, Nigeria as a nation has lost the battle. The Federal Government should be ashamed that these girls are still being held by the Boko Haram guys.
Now, the girls have been in whichever place they are for about 183 days, nobody knows how they survive or live. And the government is claiming to be on top of the matter. How?
But one thing I am sure of is that if its something that affects those in power, they would have found a lasting solution to it. Most of these children are from the poor masses. I believe there is something shaddy somehow.

‘I would rather say the whole issue is besieged by numerous question marks’ – AWEDA YUSUF, STUDENT
I would rather say the whole issue is besieged by numerous question marks. We are being governed by people who are playing pranks with their citizens’ life and integrity, just to gain cheap political point. In my opinion. I feel the governor of Borno and the president should be charged for “psychological terrorism” being deliberately used to alter the thinking of people to win cheap political credit for their ambition.

‘They are not in control’ – MRS OLABISI BANKOLE
The abducted Chibok girls issues is a misery, it’s totally unacceptable that the girls are still holed up with their abductors for almost 200 days in captivity. This surely makes a mockery of our leadership and exposes weakness of our armed forces. Winning the war not the right phrase to describe the military exercise. They are not in control.

‘Our leaders are busy with political ambitions against 2015’ – JOSHUA OBAASEYIOWULOLUWA OLORUNFEMI
It’s really sad to think that in over three months, the missing girls have not been brought back from their abductors. It’s also sad to note that our leaders are just playing politics with the whole issue. How these girls or their heartbroken families are faring. Our leaders are busy with political ambitions against 2015.
It’s very clear that it’s just propaganda and PR stunts that the army is winning the war against Boko Haram. This is a sad, story.



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