Nigerians react to N1.04 trn fine slammed on MTN

MTN Nigeria was fined N1.04 trillion by Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), for failing to deactivate unregistered MTN lines.  This may have claimed one person in the company as the President and Chief Executive Officer, MTN Group, Sifiso Dabengwa, resigned on November 9, 2015.  A source also told ENCOMIUM Weekly that the telecommunication company will sack some of their staffers in Nigeria so as to meet up with the payment.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of Nigerians on this issue.  The question was, MTN was fined N1.04 trillion by NCC for failing to deactivate unregistered MTN lines, do you think they should be pardoned or should NCC reduce the fine?


AYODEJI AGBOOLA – If they are pardoned, then other operators will feel it’s not serious.  So they shouldn’t be pardoned.


OLUWASEYI EMILOJU – Why should they be pardoned?  The billions they gain from subscribers with irrelevant SMS and charges they deduct should be enough for them to pay the fine.  They have to pay every dime, no deduction.


JIMOH GBOLAHAN – MTN is a giant telecommunication company, they should know better.  Someone was kidnapped recently and the abductors made calls with an MTN line that was unregistered, which if it had been registered, finding them would have been easy, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.  So, I think they should be.  Probably, the fine can be reduced, but certainly they should be fined.


FATIMA USMAN – No, I don’t think so because they knew the consequences of their refusal to disconnect the subscribers who had not registered their Sims, yet they went ahead with their action. I feel they should pay the N1.04 trillion.


FRANCIS IRAWO – They have to pay, they can’t just come from another country to disrespect our rules and regulations.  So, they must face the consequences.


YEMISI OGUNRONBI – Yes, they should reduce the fine, but they also have to pay so that it will serve as a deterrent to others.  N1.04 trillion is a lot of money. It may make MTN pack up and it will affect us too.



MTN should have found another way to register their customers, since people are too busy to go and register.  NCC should consider reducing the fine because they are helping us too.


SADE ONAOLAPO – I think their punishment should be reduced. If they are to pay that amount of money, it will affect them and it will also affect the economy of our country.  First, a lot of people will lose their job.  Already their Managing Director has resigned due to this.  Then, a lot of children will suffer. For instance, if a man who is the bread winner loses his job, it will tell on his wife, children and his extended family.  They should be punished but it should be minimal.


TAFA MUSTAPHA – MTN has breached the rules and regulations of their host which is the Federal Government.  The registration is meant to store data so as to curb corruption, help investigation and also help check population census. The fine is worth it and will also reduce subsequent erring or breach of government rules.


IZU CHUKWU – They have to abide by the rules.  They signed an agreement with NCC, and knew the consequences.  Nigerians in South Africa are forced to abide by their laws and they are punished if they don’t.  So, we should reciprocate.



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