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Nigerians set agenda for Buhari in 2018

As 2017 is signing out to pave way for 2018, Nigerians from all walks of life who were not satisfied with President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance this year are surely clamouring for a better and more rewarding 2018. In this respect, ENCOMIUM Weekly went out and had a chat with some Nigerians, and
they all charged the president to deliver on his promise to move the country forward as his administration has failed Nigerians almost in all aspects in the last two and half years.

‘Buhari should work harder on power and education sectors’ – AZEEZ SALAMI
If we don’t want to continue deceiving ourselves, there’s practically nothing Nigerians enjoyed from Buhari’s administration in 2017. But left to me, I will advise his government to put in more efforts into education and power sectors. Those two sectors are not well coordinated at all. However, if the government can still make visible its job creation claim, I think Nigerian youth, especially all these graduates roaming the streets here and there will get something doing before they become criminals because an idle hand is devil’s workshop. Buhari just has to step up so that he can deliver on his campaign promises. This idea of anti-corruption without any dividend of democracy has no relevance in the life of an average Nigerian out there. He needs to work harder in 2018 for him to be sure of victory in the next election.

‘We want a better governance in 2018’ – CHIKE UGWUZOR
Buhari has failed a lot of Nigerians. I am highly disappointed in his administration. The administration is nothing to write home about in all ramifications. 2017 wasn’t any better at all. The year was a hell to many Nigerians, especially with the recession that brought everything down. The man can’t have my vote in 2019 if he contests again. All he can do to win the hearts of the masses is to improve the economy and make sure poverty is eradicated. Without that, he should just forget it. We have suffered enough. We can’t continue like this in 2018.

‘Buhari has lost focus’ – SANYA SMITH
Buhari started well, but he has lost focus outrightly. He has not really succeeded in anything. Even, the corruption he claims to be fighting is partial. I don’t see anything his administration is doing to save the poor from hunger and poverty. Nigerians are suffering, especially the average ones. People can no longer eat quality food, even if not more than once in a day. All we keep hearing is billions every day, but it hasn’t reflected in the lives of average Nigerians. Even, the rich are crying as well. The man should round the clock in 2018.

‘Buhari should create jobs for Nigerian youth in 2018’ – VINCENT OLUCHI
I can only give Bugari pass mark in his anti-corruption war, but in the rest aspects of governance, he’s a failure. All I think he needs to fight hunger and poverty is to create jobs for millions of unemployed graduates roaming the streets. If you look at it very well, the crime rate is always on the increase in the country. A lot of young Nigerians are into yahoo business, armed robbery, money ritual, 419 churches everywhere, all in the interest of survival. If the government has made provision for every Nigerian, all the criminal activities won’t be as much as they are today.

‘2017 was my worst year so far’ – OMOWUMI JOSEPH
If I may say the truth, 2017 was my worst year since I grew up. I never experienced this kind of bad economy in my life. Buhari, practically, has failed in all aspects. In fact, unless his party rigs election in 2019, he can’t win. Nigerians are wise now, we can’t make the same mistake we made in 2015. People are really suffering. The man should just work on every aspect of governance. We haven’t enjoyed anything at all since he took over about two and half years ago. No stable power supply as he promised, no good roads yet, no job, no food. Everything is just on the downside. Maybe, he needs to change his team so that we can move forward in 2018.

‘Buhari needs to do more in 2018’ – ADAMU IBRAHIM
I won’t condemn Buhari totally because he wasn’t the cause of the problem we’re facing today. But the fact still remains that we put our hope in him so much, that’s why we’re like disappointed in his administration. Nobody can fix Nigeria except Allah (SWA). Truly, everybody is tired because the suffering is too much. But we still need to be praying for the man to succeed because he has good intention for the country. He only needs to do more in 2018, he has been trying his best.”

‘Buhari should concentrate on poverty alleviation’ – BADA MODUPE
I think the man is trying his best now that he came back and his health has improved. We only need to continue praying for him. Now, the price of rice has come down. Even few other foodstuff are becoming more affordable now. But that doesn’t mean he has to relent. Now, the problem is fuel. He should just make sure that is resolved before entering 2018. Then, in 2018, he should concentrate on poverty alleviation.

‘Buhari needs to change his cabinet members’ – WALE ADEWOLE
For Buhari to succeed in 2018, he must reshuffle his cabinet. He needs to change all the weak and non-performing ministers so that the country can move forward. This administration has not delivered on his promise at all. There’s poverty everywhere. The job creation the government is embarking on has not yielded any result since about a year it was started. This administration should come up with correct and sincere policies that will grow our economy. We can’t afford to miss it this time around. We need improvement on Agriculture because oil alone can’t solve Nigeria’s problems anymore. And the idea of fighting insurgency with N36 b is to me, unacceptable. Such a huge amount should have been voted on Agriculture.




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