Nnenna Nwosu – from food science and technology to jewellery designing

24 year-old Nkwerre LGA, Imo born-Nnenna Emmanuela Nwosu is an Imo State University, Owerri graduate of Food Science and Technology. Upon graduation in 2011, she dumped her degree in a closet and went into jewellery designing.
Today, she is the Creative Director/CEO of Neniesville, a bead making brand that is fast creating waves on Nigeria’s fashion scene. She had a chat with Patrick Okon.

Nnenna Nwosu

Nnenna Nwosu

What are we hearing about Neniesville?
Neniesville is a fashion accessory brand/ company that deals in designing and production of fashion accessories with beads. Though at the moment we are starting with jewelry and so far we have been able to distribute within Nigeria, USA, UK and Canada, we are working towards reaching out to other parts of the world. We have been in business since April 2013. Our jewelry are aimed at meeting our client’s almost everyday-outfits as most of them are multi-purpose (can be worn with any outfit) and are made from quality materials such as corals, semi-precious stones, gemstones, lamp-work beads, fresh water pearls, crystals and glass, wood and other quality jewelry findings.
Why do you prefer being a jewelry designer to the more prestigious tag of food scientist cum technologist?
I would say jewelry designing found me. I knew after my university education I wasn’t going to major in sciences but I never imagined I would be designing jewelry or any fashion accessory.
Before now, I never had a craft like my mates who were professionals in knitting, hair making, etc. But I knew I love jewelry and anything that has to do with laying accessories. After my graduation from the university, I didn’t want to stay idle, so my jewelry literally spoke to me to learn how to make them. I made inquiries, found an academy and I was amazed at myself with the level of creativity I had and how it was being unleashed. My teacher at the time, C.E.O of Bead Emporium noticed it and kept me longer than I paid for. She really put me through a lot of basics.
So far what are the challenges?
Challenges come in different forms. It can come as a delivery challenge, that is, delivering without the piece being damaged. By the time it gets to the client(s). So far, I have been able to tackle that. We have an efficient courier service that does delivery for us all over the world at a flexible rate.
It can also come as dissatisfaction from a client. It’s really challenging when a client is dissatisfied. At that time, a lot would be going ‎through my mind and I just take a break and listen to the reason the client is dissatisfied and work on it, and of course I have to calm the client down.
Financial challenge ‎is another. It’s really not enough having all the ideas and not having enough funds to actualise them. Though it can be really challenging and comes with its own frustration. I have come to learn to start with whatever I have.
In all, it has been by the grace of God. I encourage myself a lot and I find strength within me every time I am faced with these challenges.
I am grateful for every challenge as they make me stronger and there is always a lesson to learn to perfect my craft because without these challenges I may not strive to be better, of which growth is one of the successes in business. These challenges make me grow.

Nnenna Nwosu

Nnenna Nwosu

Neniesville has come to stay, right or wrong?
Yes, very right; Neniesville has come to stay. Brands like Gucci, Chanel, Swarovski had their own trying times but they didn’t give up. They persevered; so, Neniesville is ready to persevere and build a solid brand worldwide with origin in Nigeria. We are proudly Nigerian, 100 percent African but made for the world.
What qualifies an ideal Neniesville client?
An ideal Neniesville client male or female appreciates quality, which is different, firm, strong, ready to explore and make a statement with our accessories and still remain classy.
Which role models would you say fire your passion?
Because of their strength and determination, my mother, Deola Sagoe, late Professor Dora Akunyili, Genevieve Nnaji, and Banke Meshida Lawal, all come as my role models.
An advice for those who are eyeing the world of designing?
Believe in yourself as only you can stop you from achieving whatever and be the best you can be.



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