Nollywood Actress, PRECIOUS CHIKWENDU crowned Miss United Nations

Nollywood actress and super model Precious Chikwendu, fondly called Snow-white, has been crowned Miss United Nations. Held at the Courtleigh Auditorium, Kingston, Jamaica, on July 6, 2014, she will be clothed by Tekay Designs, a US – based fashion designer in addition to a cash price of $15,000. Miss Chikwendu, who is the official ambassador of Alize la vie magazine will also represent the clothing line as their ambassador.
The Miss United Nations pageant is a private organization with its head office in Miami, Florida, USA. Its mission is to unite the world through beauty and reach out to the needy through charity. The prestigious crowns come in six categories: Miss/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss and Mr. Teen.
ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Associate Editor UCHE OLEHI had a brief chat with the actress/beauty queen and she shared with us how she emerged Nigeria’s first Miss United Nations in far away Jamaica…

miss united nationCongratulations on wining Miss United Nations?
Thank you, ENCOMIUM Weekly.
How does it feel to be a queen of this enviable international status?
I feel great and fulfilled. The truth is that it’s not necessarily my making. I give God all the glory.
I feel like I’m dreaming because I never expected it. I was more into making friends and motivating the contestants since most of them were younger. But it’s awesome. I’m trying to get used to the attention.
Other than God, can you reveal some other factors that worked for you?
We were judged based on character, ability to carry people along, intelligence, catwalk, personality, clothing and interviews. Fortunately, I was not found wanting in any of these critical areas.
Were there other areas you were assessed?
Yes, there was also a cooking competition between the contestants and I emerged the winner, with Mr. India and USA as second. Miss Canada clinched the third position in the competition.
What were the interviews all about?
Most of the questions focused on the current situation in my country which has to do with the issue of insurgency. Yes, I know my country is going through a rough path but my answers dwelled on hope and the fact that we would surely overcome them all.
I also told my interviewers, I believe in our leaders and our military who have the capacity and will to restore peace and order in the restive North East region of the country.
mss unted nationsNow, you’ve emerged Miss United Nation, how will your country benefit from this?
They have a lot to gain. I intend to use this platform to reach out to those in need, especially Nigerian children. I will also promote Nigeria’s image anywhere my crown takes me.

Let’s, please know how acting started for you?
I started in 2012.I’m a very expressive person. With the help of a good friend, Lizzy, whom I met at Miss Earth 2007,I got my first shot in a movie. it’s been really beautiful and exciting being an actress.
How many movies have you shot so far?
My movies include Till Tomorrow, Kiss her Goodbye, Hustlers, I Come Lagos Secrets and Scandals, Mr. Ashburn, Onye Ozi, Thy will be done, among others some of which have not been released. There are also some we shot with working titles.

with other winners

with other winners

More about Precious Chikwendu, please?
I’m an actress and model like you already know. I participated in My Idols Fashion in Calabar. Other fashion and runway shows I have done include Catwalk for Change and the Galaxy Fashion Show which I emerged the first runner up and the prettiest. I also contested for Miss Earth, emerging the top 10 in 2010. I was also in Miss Nigeria, Abuja.
I’m from Orumba North LGA of Anambra. From a family of eight, my parents are alive, well and kicking.



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