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Okoroji appointed patron of the Intellectual Property Law Club of O.A.U. Ile Ife

Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) who is one of Africa’s best known experts on Intellectual Property and an untiring campaigner for the respect of the rights of creative people across the continent, has been appointed Patron of the Intellectual Property Law Club of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

In a letter just received by Chief Okoroji, the author of the book, ‘Copyright & the New Millionaires’, the President of the club, Miss Oluwatomisin Winner Apata wrote, “Words aren’t enough to express our deepest gratitude for your work of inestimable value in the field of Intellectual Property. You’ve not only fought through thick and thin to make Intellectual Property what it is today in Nigeria but you’ve also set the pace for the coming generation. You transformed Intellectual Property and brought it out from its world devoid of form or recognition and made it a force to be reckoned with, a topic that can if given a chance transform the Nigerian Economy.

“As part of our appreciation sir, the Intellectual Property Law Club O.A.U. has decided to appoint you as our Patron subject to your approval sir. We’re a club with a vision of educating the society on the subject of Intellectual Property and as a result resolve to be part of such struggle for the recognition of Intellectual Property Rights, its protection and enforcement. We look forward to seeing Nigeria on its feet again with a strong economy that allows for creativity, recognition of such creative works and proper compensation. We pledge our allegiance to COSON to help in every and any way we can to promote its cause as it relates to our artists. We’d like to join the COSON family in celebrating the unveiling of the New COSON House.”

Chief Tony Okoroji, the celebrated former president of PMAN, has accepted the appointment.







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