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One week after: What we now know about Manchester terror 

The Monday, May 22, 2017, Manchester Arena terror attack by 22 year old Salman Abedi, a Briton of Libyan descent, killed 22 people and injured 116, with more details emerging one week after the crime at the concert of Ariana Grande attended by 21,000 people. As more updates crop up, the extent of the most deadly attack on British soil for twelve years are scary. 
Here are more details as the world mourns the victims of the crime of terror:
1. Apart from the blue and black backpack sited on the murderer, another blue hip high suitcase was seen being dragged on the streets of Manchester by Abedi that deadly Monday.

And the public has been warned not to approach or touch the suitcase which may contain explosives.
2. The terrorist was also seen shopping at a Spar store near where he lodged hours to the attack.

A CCTV footage released this afternoon (Monday, May 29) showed the wicked fanatic picking a few items, paying and walking out of the store.
3. I6 arrests have been made in this investigation, but two of the suspects have been released. 

Abedi’s father and younger brother were arrested in Libya, and his elder brother in England. 
4. More than 21 homes have been searched to unearth the terror ring.
5. It was discovered that Salman Abedi returned to the United Kingdom on Thursday, May 18, from Libya. He travelled through Istanbul (Turkey) and Dusseldorf (Germany).
6. He rented an apartment in Manchester where the bomb was likely to have been assembled. 
7. Following the attack, the terror threat level in Britain was raised to ‘critical.’ But now downgraded to ‘severe.’
8. Two vigils were held in honour of the victims in Manchester with hundreds of mourners. Flowers, teddy bears, football scarves, handwritten notes and colourful balloons were laid at the spots in the city centre. 

Live music was also performed.
9. Salman Abedi was said to have rehearsed hours before the attack at 10:30 pm. He reportedly made a four hour practice run.

He was seen praying, rocking back and forth and mumbling to himself on a tram platform at Victoria station just next to the arena. 
10. Ariana Grande is staging a star-studded gig in Manchester on Sunday, June 4.

the 23 year old American singer Is contacting more big names for the charity concert.
11. Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11, visited the injured in Manchester hospitals. So did the Prime Minister, Theresa May.



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