Outrage greets NASS members N506,000 wardrobe allowance (2)

Nigerians have condemned the controversial N506,000 wardrobe allowance for senators and members of the House of Representatives. Calling on the leadership of the National Assembly to even reject any form of allowance beside their already outrageous basic salary, they said welfare of poorly remunerated civil servants should rather be given consideration.

‘I don’t have a problem with the lawmakers’ allowance’ – JOHNSON ADEYEMI

I don’t have a problem with the lawmakers’ allowance. I have a problem with the total jumbo package, including their salaries and allowances. It is too much.

‘I think we should be fair in ourdealings with others’ – BAYO OYAWOLE

I think we should be fair in our dealings with others. Those law makers collect all the money, disgrace Nigerians by fighting in the House, it is just unfortunate that they are not matured. They will sit up if they cut all their entitlements.

‘They have more than enough clothes’ – RAHMAN TAJUDEEN

Everything depends on what the constitution says about that. If it’s what they’re entitled to, let them be paid. But if there’s no place in our constitution, they should just forget about it. On a moral ground, they’re expected to put the money back to the treasury for better use that will benefit the citizens of this country.

After all, most of them are very rich already. They have more than enough clothes. So, there is no justification for wardrobe allowance at all. Apart from that, they still have many allowances to claim.

‘They care about themselves only’ – NIKE OLASUPO

It is such a pity that in a country with so many wretched citizens, a few which are supposed to be fighting for the interests of the many are living like kings and princes. It is not like they are poverty-stricken themselves, they are just being greedy and insensitive. Assuming they are even making our lives better, we could consider that they deserve the pay but no, they do not.

They care about themselves only, forgetting that we are all answerable to a superior being and we would do that in due course. They should be sensitive, that’s all.

‘They think they are immune to the country’s problems, but they are not’ – ALEXANDER ADEGBENRO

The situation at the National Assembly and their earnings is likened to a ship at a brink of drowning, but the captain and his crew are playing poker and winning cash. When the ship drowns, won’t they all be affected? That’s what they are not seeing. They think they are immune to the country’s problems, but they are not.

NASS members should consider the masses’ -MS GLADYS NWAUCHE

The poverty in the land is on the increase but these guys are not worried. They are only after their pocket. How can they continue to be paid millions of naira while the ordinary Nigerians are suffering.

I support the review of their salary and allowance.

‘Our Senators are not fair to us’ – BARRISTER GRACE OKWANDU

The Senators should please reject the jumbo pay they’ve been receiving over the years to move Nigeria forward. A situation where NASS members collect N506,000 wardrobe allowance is the height of wickedness.

‘There shouldn’t be anything like wardrobe allowance’ – FESTUS OLADAYO

There shouldn’t be anything like wardrobe allowance for our lawmakers. I don’t think they’re serious-minded people who are ready to serve Nigerians. We don’t need people like them at this moment of serious economic problem.

They should come back home if they can’t do without the wardrobe allowance.




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