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Past and Present winners of Nigerian Idol reply critics

 ‘It is wrong to say products of talent hunts are failures’

There are so many talent hunts in Nigeria, and year in, year out, the organizers scout, nurture and at the end, produce the best. But only few, among them – Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Iyanya and Chidinma-  have made it to Fame land.

For others, however, it’s a different story. Their inability to go far made pundits to conclude erroneously that the products of talent hunts are failures. The winners of Nigerian Idol, local version of the Idol series franchise disagreed with this assertion, while speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly…

YEKA ONKA – First Nigerian Idol

Yeka Onka at Nigerian Idol Press LaunchIn 2011, 26 year old Elizabeth Onwuka, otherwise known as “Yeka Onka” was announced the first Nigerian Idol over fellow competitor and favourite-to-win, Naomi Ebiama. She was awarded N7.5 million, a recording contract with Sony, a car and an all expense paid trip to South Africa. Three years after, the gifted singer, Yeka is yet to churn out a hit that will place her on the top list of Nigerian superstars…

How would you describe Nigerian Idol?

It is a great show that has provided wonderful platform for the youths to exhibit their talents. It is wonderful and great.

How has the talent hunt transformed your life?

In many ways, it has really transformed my life and at the same time, it has been so challenging. But it’s making me to be stronger every day. So far, I will say, it has been fun.

Tell us some of your works?

I have two singles out already, namely, Ewa Ba Mi Jo and Sambele. I’m working on another song, which will be released in two weeks. I have a band working with me, and anytime I see them on stage with me, I say to myself, Yeka, you’re making progress, because what I have done is to build a first female band in Nigeria.

Impression that most products of talent hunts don’t go far, what is your take?

I will say they are wrong. That someone is not making progress today doesn’t mean he’s not going to be successful. Like I said, it’s very challenging, considering the kind of industry we are operating in Nigeria. Even though I am not moving fast as people expect, I have to say I am making progress. I am not going to remain here, and by God’s grace, Yeka Onka’s brand will be everywhere.

MERCY CHINWO – 2nd winner Of Nigerian Idol

Mercy   ChinwoIn 2012, Port Harcourt, Rivers born aspiring Nigerian musician  Mercy Chinwo was declared winner of the second edition of the reality show Nigerian Idol. She smiled home with N7.5 million, a recording contract, and a brand new car. Mercy was wise enough to pick award-winning singer, Omawumi as her mentor, and I guess that is really working for her. Pundits, who saw her performing at Owamumi’s album concert recently, believe that Mercy will go far if guided by the right people…

How would you describe Nigerian Idol?

It is a platform given to the youths to showcase their talents. So far, so good, it’s been able to produce the first winner, Yeka Onka; I, Mercy Chinwo as the winner of season II, and Moses, who won the last year’s edition. Basically, I will say it’s fantastic, very great show, and I am happy to be part of it.

How has the talent hunt transformed your life?

Basically, the Mercy I am now is different from the Mercy I used to be. She’s a star now, because she won Nigerian Idol season II. With the title, it has been a whole new world for me. Although, I still communicate with my old friends, I am totally a changed person, different from the Mercy before Nigerian Idol.

Tell us some of your works?

I have been working on different things, and currently, I am working with the producer, D’Tunes and soonest, my singles will be out. I also performed alongside big artistes particularly Omawumi, who has been my mentor, role model, sister and a good friend. I have learnt a whole lot from her. I have also performed at universities across Nigeria.

Impression that most product of talent hunts don’t go far, what is your take?

It all depends on who the person is and the kind of people they work with. I mean, the people behind them. I believe everybody is running his or her race, but with God on my side, I will definitely get there very soon.

MOSES OBI Reigning Idol

Moses Obi-Adigwe winner of Nigerian Idol Season threeMoses Obi won the season III of Nigerian Idol last year (2013). He pocketed N7.5 million, a recording contract and a brand new car. As you read this, the ebony singer has released three singles in less than a year. They are Love In The Air, Number One and Love Letter featuring Eva. But the mind-boggling question on the lips of music lovers is, if Moses would go far. He replied in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly…

How would you describe Nigerian Idol?

It is an amazing platform designed for youths to showcase their talents. It is a chance for you tell the world what you can do. It is an opportunity to achieve your dream, and from there, move to limelight.

How has the talent hunt transformed your life?

Being a winner of season III has been amazing. It has been life-changing for me, from a regular guy on the street to a recognized artiste in the industry. That is exactly what I wanted to be. I am really happy.

Tell us some of your works?

I have released three singles. Love in the Air, Number 1 and Love Letter featuring Eva. There is a video for Number 1 and it’s a love song. Nigerians should expect new songs, amazing tracks, and my album should be out before the end of the year.

Impression that most product of talent hunts don’t go far. What is your take?

Yes, a lot of people might have that impression, but it all depends on what you want to do. Although, not a good impression anyway, it all depends on the artiste. First, you need to ask the people that won what they want to do? Because someone might decide not to work harder because he has the money. N7.5 million is not a small money, but for me, it’s not about the winning prize, it’s music. Music is my passion, my everything, and I’m going beyond people’s expectation.




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