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Pastor 2016 predictions of bliss, misery and sorrow: Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele – Buhari will attempt to probe Jonathan

Founder and spiritual head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has released the end of year shocking prophecies where he said God had warned the nations and individuals not to relent in seeking His face in every circumstance.

He revealed this and much more when ENCOMIUM Weekly visited him in his church headquarters at Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, recently.


Can you share with us some of your prophecies that have come to pass, especially in 2015?

There are lots of them. I can’t mention all of them. I give God the glory on that. But if you can get to page 43 of Daily Champion newspaper of December 4, 2015, you will see I foretold that there will be crisis in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) during and after the elections. ‘I foresaw crisis in PDP during and after the 2015 general elections, the same would befall the APC”.

Also, it was revealed that terrorists will continue with their series of attacks in the North East of Nigeria which was what the country witnessed in 2015. I also foretold the crises in telecommunications sector which also came to pass.

I also said there would be lots of misunderstanding in the National Assembly, especially the House of Representatives. Also on sports, God revealed to me that unexpected clubs will challenge the dominance of some established club sides in the English Premiership League. It was also reported on page 67 of Leadership Newspaper of Sunday, November 8, 2015, that the Under 17 football team will lift the Junior World Cup, and that has also come to pass.

In the same edition, I said I foresaw the removal of EFCC boss. Also, on page 43 of Daily Champion of December 24, 2014, I was quoted, “Our Nollywood stars and journalists should pray against deaths in 2015 and also rebuke attacks on them. The economy of some states will breakdown except the Lord intervenes”

I also said there would be shakeup in NNPC even as prices of petroleum products will fluctuate in the world market. I also foretold the health challenge of Deziani Allison-Madueke and that she should also pray against blackmail. Also, God has revealed to me the situation in Abia state right now concerning the governorship seat.

All and much more have come to pass. We can continue on and on like that. It’s not by my power, it’s God’s favour.

Let’s talk about 2016 revelations, especially on Nigeria. What do you have to share with us on that?

It’s not me but what Almighty God has revealed. From the spiritual realm, Nigeria needs prayers so that we can be together as a nation. It’s either our government becomes regional because I see more groups agitating for Nigeria’s dismemberment.

I also see protests here and there. Nigeria should go into serious prayers and fasting from January 1 to 14, 2016, so as to sue for peace and rebuke unrest. Nigeria will seek a permanent seat in the United Nations (UN).

Buhari’s government will deliver but won’t be up to people’s expectations. I see new seaports in Nigeria. I foresee that some will call for the review of the confab and some will be agitating for a new one.

Buhari will want to probe Goodluck Jonathan which some eminent people will kick against. We should rebuke building collapse in Lagos and Ibadan. Nigeria is going to be a two-party nation and a party will be stronger than the other. Also, I foresee northern agenda playing out in two years.

God has revealed to me that doctors will embark on strike. So, we should pray very well against this. Also, Nigerians should pray to avert train derailment.

2016 is a year Nigeria needs a lot of prayers because there will be a lot of ups and downs in this administration. I see that some states will still owe. Let Nigeriann government have a day for thanksgiving if those in power will listen.

Let’s pray to rebuke gas and tanker explosion in the year. Let’s pray against boat mishap. Also fish will be poisoned. Let’s pray to avert tension in Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Ondo, Lagos, Kwara, Ogun, Osun, Imo, Kano, Niger and Adamawa states. Those states must pray fervently.

These personalities should pray very well for God’s guidance and protection: Obasanjo, Sunny Kuku, Sunny Odogwu, Arthur Eze, Shagari, Subomi Balogun, Odimegwu, Ibrahim Comassi, Adamu Ciroma, Babangida.

Dangote should pray not to lose huge amount this year. He should also pray against fire outbreak in any of his companies. He should also pray against debts and not to be bereaved and also lose any court matter. Then, Faleke’s case will be threatened because some powerful people will want to influence it except he seeks the face of God.

I see pirates’ problems on our seaways. I see the Federal Government’s website being hacked. And Halliburton scandal will give Buhari problems.

Buhari must not believe in America because they will create problems for his government and this will make the whole thing would hamper in his administration.

Buhari’s government needs a lot of prayer to succeed. Let’s all pray against Fulani and Hausa crisis. I also see cattle rearers fighting. Benue should be watchful of crisis and economic trouble.

Let’s all be very prayerful to avert fire outbreak in our major markets because I see some markets being shut by governments. Let’s pray seriously against inferno in Onitsha market, Kwara, Ondo, Lagos, Oyo and in the northern parts of the country.

We should also pray against flood in Kogi, Lagos, Benue, Plateau and Rivers states. I see South-West and South-East experiencing bomb scare. Nigeria will want to borrow money.

I foresee some investors will want to withdraw from business in Nigeria due to the challenges of the country. I see people who are close to President Buhari ganging up and misleading him.

Let’s talk about Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade…

(Cuts in) Buhari is very sincere about his war against corruption. But I see him shooting himself in the foot because he is going to take on some powerful people in this war and they’re going to fight back big time. I see more people being exposed for corruption that will shock Nigerians.

I foresee the government trying to jail some corrupt top officials. International community will take up Buhari’s government on corruption matters. Buhari will not be able to fight corruption totally because of who knows who. He must not play sentiments with it because a lot of people will be indicted, especially those he didn’t expect.

They will be sending people to beg him. Government must not tamper with the amnesty programme because I foresee lots of problems. I see crisis in Niger Delta and there will be agitation for more development in the area because of oil spillage. Some of the Chibok girls are already pregnant and they will be used for suicide bombings. We cannot see all off them again. Let’s all seek the face of God on that because it may cause a lot of problems for Buhari’s administration.

I see government searching for information about these girls but it will be difficult for the government to find them completely. I see crisis in Bakassi.

I foresee bomb attack in Kano, Yobe and Abuja. We should also pray against suicide bombers in the South West and Eastern parts of the country. Buhari should be very careful of political sycophants.

I foresee inflation, famine and water crisis in Nigeria and other African countries. Government will invests more on agriculture, but in Nigeria, the cost of food stuff will not be stable.

What are the things you think Buhari needs to concentrate on according to revelations from God?

What he can do to succeed is to address the issue of the Chibok girls, security, food, good roads, power, education, electoral promises, empowerment, poverty alleviation, put the banking sector in order and do what is expected of him. All these will help his government in the nearest future. Let’s pray against bridge collapse, but government will still come up with new bridges.

Let’s talk more on politics, what are the things that will play out in 2016?

Some PDP governors will want to cross to APC. PDP can only be stronger if the party seeks the face of God and do the right thing, otherwise another party will overtake PDP. APC’s logo will be changed. Political enemies will disorganize the Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson so that his second term bid can crumble. But if he seeks the face of God and work very hard, he will win the election.

But if he relaxes, the APC candidate will shock him. Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano must not dump his party, APGA otherwise his political future will run into trouble and some big wigs in the state will gang up against him, so as to lose his second term and make his political ambition worthless.

God told me that Buhari and Tinubu will fight seriously because Tinubu will want correction in certain things which Buhari will not accept. People will cause a rift between them. People will misinform Buhari and Tinubu. They should be prayerful and seek the face of God to cancel the negative plans of people because this can break the APC. I see their fight breaking the APC and a new mega party coming up from the remnants of PDP and APC.

Budget implementation will not be in sequence in 2016. And I see new Senate and House of Representatives buildings coming up next year. Also, God told me there’s going to be a lot of ups and downs. Finally, let’s be prayerful against any major fire incident in the country.

A lot of people are always confused about prediction and prophesy, what’s the difference between the too?

Yes, anybody can predict but prophecy is different. It’s a message from God to His anointed prophets.




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