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Pastors 2015 predictions of despair and hope

-Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi, Bakare, Ignila, Joshua, Olubode, Sulaiman reveal their prophesies

Great Nigerian pastors have come out with so many disturbing and some hopeful predictions for 2015. While some chose to call then prophecies, many Nigerians however, see it as mere predictions which anyone can easily say. While some chose to predict deaths, plane crashes, fire disasters, famine, riots and so many woes, others gave a message of hope and blessing.

Here are some of the prophecies as captured…

‘Pray against massive calamities like earthquakes, strong hurricane and typhoons’


The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye divided his prophesies into four segments such as individual, international, RCCG and Nigeria.

For individual, he said; “Those who fasted for 100 days last year, the Lord said the harvest for the 100 days fast will be given this year 2015.

He added that this year will be full of testimonies, those who have none before will have this year. Daddy, as he is fondly called says many believers will swim in the river of abundance this year; there will be miraculous completion of projects; fulfillment of dreams; miraculous restoration and the songs of many will be, The Lord has been good to me.

According to the G.O, there will be scientific and medical breakthroughs, particularly in the areas of insomnia- lack of sleep, dreams and brain disorders at the international level, Ebola Virus Disease would die out, insurgencies all over the world will be considerably weakened. He asked for prayers against massive calamities like earthquakes, strong hurricane and typhoons.

‘Men like nations will rise in the year 2015’ -BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO, Winners Chapel

1--Bishop_David_Oyedepo_779973419In his new year message, The General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo said 2015 will be a year turn-around for every believer. This message was delivered during the closing day of 2014 Annual Shiloh inside Canaanland Ota, Ogun State.

“In 2015, nobody will doubt those who serve God. It will be clear that we are only in the world, not of the world. In 2015, my God will wipe away all your tears, there shall be no occasion for mourning or weeping. Throughout 2015, you are not permitted to bury anyone in your life because there shall be no more death. In 2015, some things that cause you sorrow will be far from you.

“Your night is over, God will be all you need for triumphant life, victorious living – all through 2015. There shall be a rise of many giants  giants in all sectors of human endeavour. Men, like nations will rise in 2015. Men that will command attention of many nations, shall arise in 2015 and God has brought us into the realm of heaven on earth, where men will live like angels.”

‘Nigeria will not break up’ -PASTOR W.F KUMUYI, Deeper Life

Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor Kumuyi

The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F Kumuyi in December 2014 during a media briefing ahead of the Deeper Life Bible Church three-day crusade at Eiyenkorin in Ilorin, Kwara state, said Nigeria remains an indivisible entity despite all its challenges. “God has a purpose for Nigeria. When people talk of division, the truth is that once you start the process, it never ends. Once you say, ‘people in the North, go your way and those in the South, go your way,’ there are other people who will also rise up to say they too want to go their own way even within you. You know what happened in the 1960’s; several sides will begin to be asked to go away but I know that God has a purpose for bringing Nigeria together and we shall remain one.”

‘The Chibok girls will return home alive’ -PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE, Latter Rain Assembly

1-Tunde-Bakare-003Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has said that the abducted Chibok girls would return home this year. He gave this prediction during the church’s crossover service into the New Year on Thursday morning.

The cleric told his congregation that Nigeria would enjoy extraordinary grace from God this year, which would see the return of the missing girls. He said, “The Chibok girls will be returned this year; some people will say ‘they are just using religion to deceive themselves. How will the girls be rescued?’ You will see. I didn’t say it, it is what God said and I believe it.”

‘The troubles of 2014 might spill over to 2015’ -PASTOR T.B JOSHUA, Synagogue Church Of All Nations


The General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations was not left out of the frenzy. The deliverance pastor who had a problematic 2014, prophesied into 2015 during the candle light vigil held in honour of victims of the church building collapse in Lagos. Although he avoided his usual elaborate annual revelations, he declared 2015 as The Year of Good Morning and tactically said that the troubles of 2014 might spill over to 2015 if Nigerians failed to live holy.

‘The Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat’ 

PROPHET MICHAEL OLUBODE, Celestial Church of Christ

11967587_177Jonathan will have many troubles, he will defeat them all and be used by God to build the country’s economy. According to the prophet, “I want to let the people of Nigeria know that The Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat. Despite many that hate him, it pleases the Lord God of Celestial to increase his tenure at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock. The Lord revealed to me that the purpose of making him remain in government is to use him to build Nigeria’s economy. He will surely bring good luck to us.”

He went further to release prophesies on the economy of the nation. He stated, “Contrary to many beliefs, Nigeria will soon come out of her troubles and stride gloriously to her leading position in the midst of great nations of the world.”

‘Bola Tinubu, Idris Wada, Amaechi and Patience Jonathan should pray well to survive’

-BRO. JOSHUA IGINLA, Champions Royal Assembly

iginla2Prophet Joshua Iginla released more shocking predictions about events that will unfold in 2015, both in Nigeria and the world at large. The founder of Champions Royal Assembly, cautioned former Governor of Lagos State and a chieftain of All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi and Kogi Governor, Idris Wada to pray very well in 2015, to avert imminent dangers and if care is not taken, the First Lady might not finish the second term with the president.

He said, “In my vision, I saw a giant hand bigger than the continent of Africa upholding Nigeria. And God said there is nothing kept in His hands that can fall. The prophecy that Nigeria will split won’t come to pass. You can see the signs but it will never come to pass.

“There will be shakings in 2015 and it will be so serious. Both the big and small will feel it greatly. No matter how powerful or well organized 2015 election is, it will be faulted. I see a lot of litigations, disagreements and court cases because the mindset of many prior to the election is so dangerous.

“I am not a politician nor belong to any political party, I am just speaking God’s mind. The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect but he will retain the seat. It’s not guess work. Albeit, it will be a battle between the lion and the tiger. President Jonathan will win but he has to pray about his health and so many political blows. I pray the two people that enter the Aso Villa will leave together. That’s why we should pray for the woman beside the president. The president and his wife should pray that the First Lady would finish the tenure together and not losing one before the end of their tenure.

“Shortly after the election, especially on the night of the election, there will be great vandalisation. I see cars being burnt, lives taken. Counting from the night of the election, these evil will happen six days after the election.

“I see bitterness, disappointment fire and you might note these states, Bauchi, Yobe, Borno, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Rivers but in the midst of these battles, the storm will calm down.

“We should pray and watch out for military intervention. God has instructed us to pray and fast from February 1 to February 3, 2015, against military intervention. I will leave the rest coded.

“When I said there will be disagreements, it will be so strong because it’s like some people are battle ready for war but God will keep Nigeria.

In 2015, so many great men will fall not only in Nigeria but at the international levels too. So many politicians and powerful people will go down.

“I see a terrorist attack against a high rise building in Nigeria. We have to pray for our financial tower and INEC office. Let’s pray against bomb blast.

“Two churches will be under serious attacks. One of them is an orthodox church, while the second is a pentecostal. One of the two churches is stationed in a satellite town, and the second one is in the heart of Abuja City.

“I also saw gun battles. I mean men shooting sporadically. They were imported from another city. They were shooting anyhow. We should pray for the city of Gwagwalada and Suleija downward. God will help us. We should pray about this in January and February.

“I see great politicians and ministers in one aircraft. Three prominent faces were among them but the plane crashed. They should be careful of traveling in group irrespective of where they are going. I see people pointing accusing fingers at different directions.

“I also see great fire outbreak in Lagos that would claim lots of lives. By January, we have to pray and fast to avert these.

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu should pray that he might finish the political fire he started, especially in Lagos to the end. The reason is that even the might of the mighty can be broken.

“Specifically, Kogi State Governor should pray to survive 2015. I saw him struggling for breath.

“A very popular musician, young artiste who sings secular songs should pray against death. He is like someone trying to sell his soul to the devil and it resulted to death. I am not permitted to mention his name.

“I also see great stars coming out of China and the country getting bigger and better. Their rise will be a great threat to big countries like USA. They will become centre of attraction and grow economically.

“America will experience great terrorist attacks.  The fire they are trying to put off in other countries should not burn them in their own house. I see a dark cloud dangling on America economy and this could render them useless. It will lead to great depression. They should prepare because it will be a tough period for them. They should also pray against mid west flood. They should also pray against three major floods that will occur in three states. American president should pray against ill health and there will be an attempt on his life.

“I see a great revolution by the youths all over the world. The younger generation rioting all over the country and many bad rulers who have been suppressing their people would be dealt with and run away for their lives.

The Pope will be under great criticism and attacks this year due to certain decisions he will take that will affect the image of the church.

“Zimbabwean president will have serious health challenge beyond what he has ever experienced. There will be a rumor of death but he will bounce back. They will recover and experience great revival in their churches.

“South Africa economy will bounce back but there will be lots of kidnaps, robbery and many politicians will fight for their lives. Certain decisions of their president will help in their recovery.

“I see two major coups and military intervention in Africa. One of the presidents of the affected countries will be killed outrightly while the other one will run for his life.

Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Ameachi has to pray that his political career won’t end abruptly in 2015.

“The darkness ahead of him is very great. In India, I see a top politician dying mysteriously. It will be like an assassination. It will generate lots of controversies and several arguments as to the cause of death.

“Cameron president will be under attack and the opposition will revolt. It will be so great that it might lead to restlessness but, he will triumph over it.”

‘Three Nigerian artistes and former president may die’


Apostle-johnson-SulemanAbuja preacher and founder of Omega Fire Ministry, OMG,  Apostle Johnson Suleiman, in his prophesies said that three popular Nigerian artistes and former president Shehu Shagari may pass on to glory in 2015. Suleiman in his New Year message said that the 2015 election will be bloody a repeat of June 12, 1993 elections. He also said Speaker of the House of Representatives Aminu Tambuwal, will win the Sokoto Governorship election.

– Bola Tinubu, Bode George and Obi of Onitsha need prayers.

– I see President Goodluck Jonathan coming back but troubles.

– Buhari’s health needs attention.





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