Politics is important to me because that’s another way to serve my People, says Prince Christopher Obi (Ogazi)

Some say you are a business man, some say you are a philanthropist some say you are a politician, so who is Prince OBI?

Thank you for this important question sir. My name is Prince Christopher Obi from Obiagwu Royal Dynasty in Ohukabia Awo idemili Orsu LGA, Imo State. By the special grace of God I am what I am today. Philanthropy is my best attribute if you ask me. This is because I do not like to see people suffer financially. Many people are talented but lack financial help to achieve their God given talent. So I will always give as far as God bless me. I am a businessman by profession. Am the group chairman of CPG Contractors Ltd we specialize in rural electrification, Estate electrification , and also the CEO Reality Oil and Gas Ltd.
Politics is important to me because that is another avenue to serve my people. So, I am on ground politically my people are solidly behind me. (Orsu nwere madu!)

How was your growing up like?

I grew up like any other child during our timein my home town here. I had a good upbringing. My father provided everything i needed both in school and he also encourged me to move into business. I was a good footballer. I was also mass server in our catholic church , infact i was known for my football dexterity. I still remember many football matches that my goals gave us victory. It was a happy childhood.

You were given award as The man of the year by your people among so many business man so how do you feel?

First of all, I thank God Almighty for this award. I thank the organizers for finding me worthy to receive it out of numerous other qualified and even richer personalities. This goes to show that I am doing something different from them. I really thank God.

Tell us about ogazi foundation, what’s it all about?

Ogazi Foundation was established in 2007, basically this is one arm of my philanthropy projects. Ogazi foundation is a huge success, we organize yearly events. We give out motorcycles to those who need them. We give sewing machines to women. We pay school fees for less privilege ones, we encourage our Town union financially. We do a host of events. Our people look towards it every end of the year.

You are a role model to many youth what’s your advice to them?

My advice to them has not changed from my usual address to Youth wing of OGAZI FOUNDATION. To shun violence, work hard in life believe in yourself and God. Don’t give up easily. With God all things are possible.

You are rich, famous and connected, what does it take to succeed?

Hahaha. Sir I am not rich at all. I am just an ordinary Nigerian. I try my best to support my family and my community.  

Are you eyeing any political post?

Time will tell. But for now our foundation will support only credible candidate with plan to develop imo state and take Orsu LGA as priority.

How did you come about the name Ogazi Malaga?

(Laughs) It’s a long story, I’ll will let you know in the next meeting. (Smiles) 
As UN peace ambassador, what’s your message to all Nigerians as we prepare for election next month?

Election is not a do or die affair contrary to what we believe in Nigeria. Pls be mindful there are consequences for election violence and rigging. There is ICC in Hague to try you if you perpetrate violence during election. Power comes from God. Lets show the world we can do our elections it well. Thank you. 



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