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Prices of commodities still sky high after yuletide

The increment witnessed in the prices of commodities before the yuletide season seems not to be going down.’s findings revealed that prices of commodities are still on the high side in Lagos markets even as the New Year kicks in . For instance, prices of rice, beans, pasta, fish, chicken are still very much the same as they were during the Christmas celebrations . We sampled opinions of lagosians, market women and housewives about these worrisome scenario.
Mrs Funke Joshua
There is no difference in the prices of commodities during the festivities and now. There is usually this mad rush to stock the house before Christmas that makes it look as if prices of commodities are going up. I bought a whole chicken during Christmas at N1300. The price is still the same today. I bought a kilo of chicken for N1000 , it is still the same in the market though it depends on the location, some sell it for N1,100 in some places. Titus still goes for N400-N500 depending on how big it is and the location of the market.
Mrs Bimbo John

There is hardly any difference at all. I stock my house at Ile Epo because it is not too far from my office. There was plenty tomatoes in the market before Christmas, it is still the same now. I bought N500 worth of tomatoes during Christmas , I bought another one yesterday and the quantity is still the same. Prices of commodities before Christmas and after Christmas are still the same. 
Mary Adebamiwo
I don’t think there is any difference. Things I bought before Christmas still go for the same prices today. Spaghetti was sold for N200 , it is still the same price now. I bought vegetable oil for N600 , it is still the same price. Likewise a bottle of Palm oil. In some places, some items have even increased, some people sell a bottle of Palm oil for N700, while some sell it for N650. Generally, prices of commodities are still the same. In some cases, it has even increased.
Comfort Noah
Prices of commodities went up since the beginning of 2016 . There was no serious increase in prices of food stuff by the end of the year. Funny enough, the prices are still the same today. Beans was N1000 plus before Christmas, it is still the same today. Likewise rice, yam. I bought three yams at N1,100 before Christmas, it is still the same today. There is no reduction yet. One bad thing about increment in prices of commodities is that, they hardly go down after an increment. 
-Shade Wesley Metibogun 



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