PRINCESS ESTHER PAUL CROWNED MISS VALENTINE 2014 -‘God has elevated me’, she gushes

Beautiful actress and model, Princess Esther Paul has been crowned Miss Valentine, 2014. She beat seven other contestants on Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day), to emerge victorious at the beauty pageant held at The Yard Events Centre, Surulere, Lagos.

 Princess Paul granted ENCOMIUM Weekly exclusive interview, listing some personal qualities that made her come tops and how it really feels to be a beauty queen.


Miss Valentine2Congrats on being crowned Miss Valentine. How does it feel to be celebrated as the Queen of Love?

Thank you, sir. It feels great and awesome to be outstanding. In fact, I feel excited, blessed and elevated by the Almighty God.

What would you say gave you the edge over the other equally beautiful and amazingly endowed contestants?

I believe God is the giver of wealth, fame and opportunities. Promotion, the bible says, does not come from the east, west or north but from God Almighty.

I don’t see myself as the best because I can’t have it all. But I know that I possess some unique basic qualities that are required for this crown. I have a good heart. I’m sympathetic, loving and caring. My charisma and humane nature might have as well given me advantage. Even back there at the camp, almost everyone benefited in one way or the other from my kindness. But in everything, I give God Almighty all the Glory.

So, what has changed about you now that you are a beauty queen?

A lot has changed about me, like my outfits, attitude, schedule and so on, but my friends and family are still intact because that can never changed, no matter my status.

What is Miss Valentine all about?

Miss Valentine is all about being a representative of love wherever I find myself because Valentine is simply showing love to everyone around us without discrimination. It is all about creating meaningful impact in people’s lives, especially the less privileged; making them feel important and special.

What are the prizes that came with your crown and privileges you are entitled to as Miss Valentine?

I was presented with an open ticket to Atlanta, Georgia, US and a posh car from the official sponsors of the pageant, Messrs Kayode and Sabir, the Managing Director of Campe Spirit.

Any cash prize and what are the projects you would pursue all through your reign?

There is no cash prize. The concept is all about love and the programme was organised out of love because everything about it was free of charge, starting from the form down to the makeup of all the contestants. So I will inculcate such idea in everything I do, showing love to people who never expected it and I shall frequently visit motherless homes and give opportunities to up and coming models by creating a model agency and try as much as possible to be an ambassador of love at all times and circumstances.  We will do a lot of charity and giving back.

Miss Valentine3Can you, please tell us more about you?

My names are Princess Esther Paul. I hail from Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi state. I have been a model for three years now. I have participated in so many beauty pageants like Miss Ambassador for Peace, Miss Style Niger, MBGN, Miss Black is Beautiful, et cetra.

We learnt you are also an actress?

Yes, I am also an actress. I have featured in some movies like Work Chop, Market Babes, Fate, to mention just a few. Though I didn’t play lead roles, I did my best. I have some scripts too while I’m still expecting more from film producers.

What about your siblings?

I have seven siblings namely, Uchenna, Emmanuel, Mrs. Grace, John, Salome, Susan and Blessing. I’m the fourth born of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nwani, very religious parents from Deeper Life Bible Church.

Are you in a relationship?

I think that is personal, sir?

But you definitely have plans to get married some day?

That is every woman’s dream and I won’t be an exception. You will sure be the first to know when the time is ripe.

What is your ultimate ambition?

My ultimate ambition is to please God all the days of my life like the Biblical Enoch. I also want to be healthy, happy, a super star, a lovely wife and most important, a good ambassador of Christ.




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  1. I’m deeply impressed with this lady,essentially as I know that this is just the beginning of her fame. She’s beautiful, humble, and intelligent too. Proud of you,dear. Keep soaring higher by the day.

  2. Sweethrt u are beautiful,body and soul.who said ebonyians aint pretty with brains that is very active! Wish u all da best!!

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