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PZ Cussons’ Morning Fresh wears new look

In other to consolidate its market leadership in the dish wash category, PZ Cussons Nigeria has unveiled a new pack of its premium brand, Morning Fresh, as it launched a new variant, Morning Fresh Antibacterial.
The purpose is to create exciting fragrance and variants eliminate cooking odour leaving the kitchen refreshed. The ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the company’s Marketing Director, Ms Sandy Griffiths, on the purpose of the new product.

What informed the change in the outlook of Morning Fresh?
You have to keep renovating your product otherwise consumers would begin to get bored about the product. At least every two years, we give a new look to create excitement and variation around the brand.
With this new look, would your product attract more cost?
No, it is just to give variation and excitement including additives.
What extra value would your consumer gain from this Morning Fresh variant?
In the new variants, there is antibacterial, which kills germs. We all know about Ebola, people are more conscious about germs. So, we decided to add additive like antibacterial for better functioning.
Apart from antibacterial, is there any other additive people may need to know?
Another new thing we added is the new push proof cap to fight against adulterated products. And that makes our product unique and very difficult to be adulterated. So, when you are buying our product ensure that you buy the original.
We know there are difficulties in distribution, especially in northern Nigeria. What are you doing to resolve this?
Yes, there is little difficulty but because of passion people have for our product, we were able to reach the northern part of this country. It is the passion that drives the use of our product in the north.
What is your market share?
Our market share is about 40 percent. We shall continue to renovate, improve even in our market table.
What effort and plan have you be enable to put in place for the consumer to be aware of this product?
Our brand pioneered a massive penetration drive campaign with dish wash demonstrations and free product placement across the country, reaching over 100,000 households and brought smiles to the faces of Nigerian women across the key cities.
With this new inclusion has your product been tested for not having an adverse effect?
Absolutely, no adverse effect. It has been tested and confirmed by NAFDAC.



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