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HARD DRUG MESS UPDATE: Redeemers University Takes Expelled Students To Rehab Centre

PASTOR Adeboye led Redeemers University has reviewed the case of the 28 students expelled over drug offences.

Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that after much criticism their expulsion generated in February 2013, the school authority rescinded their decision and beckoned on them on April 8, 2013 to face a panel for a fresh review of the judgement.

According to our source, they met the panel twice and after several denials by the offenders, they reached a compromise.  We learnt the school did a detour in its decision after their parents vowed to deal decisively with the management.  Consequently, the school said the only condition to reinstate them is if they can go for a 5-month rehabilitation at a rehab centre.

One of the students who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly under the condition of anonymity revealed that, “After the new verdict, we were sent to a rehab centre.  It’s a five-month programme that would end in October 2013.  Sadly, we have missed a semester.”

Controversy has been trailing the expulsion of 28 students by Redeemers University.  The whole saga started when 42 students were randomly picked during their exam in November 2012.  They were asked to go for ‘routine tests.’

After resumption in January 2013, some of them were told that they ‘tested positive’ to cocaine.  Consequently, those who tested positive got expelled.

The institution’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Adetunji Adeleye said the decision was taken in line with the school’s values and philosophy “to raise Godly children,” but the students alleged unfairness.

Adeleye said, “A student was caught with an illicit drug.  He mentioned others involved and we took them to the school clinic for tests.  Some of them tested positive.  But some of the affected students claimed the university authority never told them the purpose of the test and did not show them the results.

“I only saw in the expulsion letter that I tested positive to hard drugs.  I asked for the result of the test but they didn’t show me.  Even if they won’t show me they should at least show my parents.”

Redeemers University is a private university in Redemption Camp, Ogun State.  Established in 2005, it is owned by Pastor Adeboye-led Redeemed Christian Church of God.



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