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Regional Crisis: African Women Converge in Abuja to Chart Peace and Mediation Strategy

Nigeria is set to host women from about 45 African countries to set the agenda for peace, conflict management and mediation on the continent from the 27th – 28th of July 2017.  

The executive meeting convened by the Women Advancement for Economic & Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA) seeks to address the various conflicts facing the continent by empowering women, who are the most affected by them, to build peace in their communities using conflict management and mediation strategies. 

A number of World Class facilitators, drawn from Diplomatic Corps, Academia, Civil Society as well as Peace and Development Advocacy would conduct the programme. The lead facilitator of the event is Ambassador Godknows Igali, Phd, a former Nigerian diplomat and Presidential Peace Envoy.  

According to the Founder of WAELE/ARCELFA, Dr. Basirat Nahibi,- Niasse “Africa is in need of mediators and peacekeepers. Our continent is engulfed with interreligious, ethic & tribal conflicts and women are proven to be the most effective agents for Peace building. Hence our continuous investment in building the capacities of WAELE Africa women 

She said that this event will give special attention to the internal crisis in Nigeria, South Sudan, Rwanda – Burundi, DRC, as well as  Libya conflict.  

WAELE/ARCELFA has been actively involved in Peace building on the continent for 15 years. The organisation played a critical role in the resolution of Sudan & Chad conflict and other cases around Africa for which it has received continental and global awards.



·        Fundamentals of Peace, Security and Development Nexus.

·        The Principles of Conflict Management,  Conflict Containment and Peace Building

·        Identifying Early Warning Signals, Conflict Prevention and Management – The Role of Women

·        Strategies for bringing Parties to the Negotiation Table

·        Case Studies Around Africa and Simulation Exercise

·        Role of UN, AU, ECOWAS, UNHCR and other Multilateral bodies

·        Closing Plenary and Communiqué



Princess Joan Jummai Idonije

Secretary General, WAELE/ARCELFA




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