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Revolutionary method of selecting your baby’s sex now in Nigeria

With just N49,500, you can now select the sex of your baby! And all you need is now in Nigeria, courtesy of HumGene Limited. Maryam Ajikobi, the CEO/Managing Director of HumGene Limited, explains this revolutionary method which is just 6 months old in an exclusive interview with 

Trained in Canada, the Geneticist is happy to introduce the new method of sex selection to Nigeria…
What is this new method of sex selection about? What is it called?

It lets you assist nature in choosing the gender of your baby. It is called Select a SEX Maternal Patch. 

Who pioneered it?

Our partner company in Canada known as Viamedex.

How long was the clinical tests before its release?

About 6 years.

How exactly does it work?

A gender selection patch is applied in the groin area once menstruation has stopped, and replaced, once daily, for 10 consecutive days.

The natural ingredients in each type of gender patch diffuse through the skin into the circulatory system in proximity to the cervical area, and enter the cervical mucous. The minor changes they make to the cervical mucous give a significant advantage to either of the X and Y sperm. This change influence who will win the race. And that determines the sex of the baby.

Glands in the cervix produce a viscous cervical mucous that allows only about 200 sperm to survive the arduous trip. Both the X and Y sperm traverse the SIX INCH cervical canal swimming in the thick mucus and make their way equally well to the egg. This results in the egg being fertilized with a 50/50 possibility of an X or Y sperm.

When the XX or XY transdermal patch is worn by the mother, there are subtle changes that temporarily occur in the cervical mucus. These changes create an environment whereby, depending on the selected patch, the X or Y sperm has a decided advantage in moving through cervical mucosa and reaching and fertilizing the egg. In effect, the selected sperm has a decided advantage in winning the race.

How’s it different from the other methods, like Billings? Kindly tell us about other sex selection methods…

The Select a Sex Maternal patch is different from other methods such as Billings because it is gender specific. For example, the XY Patch facilitates a male embryo, while the XX Patch facilitates a female embryo. It is also 100% natural herbal extract, and drug free.

Other sex selection methods are, the Ericsson method, IVF/PGD technique, and sperm sorting.

What is the success rate of this new method?

So far, the success rate is 78%.

How much does it cost?

N49,500 only ( It has 30 patches which can be used for 3 months). However, if fertilization occurs in the first or second month, the use of the patch will no longer be necessary.

How is it procured? 

It can be ordered from our website (, over the phone (08107519982), or at our office (1st Floor, 4 Wilmer street, beside Isheri Police Station, Berger, Lagos).

What is the advantage of sex selection generally?

It is advisable for parents with genetic disorder problems. It can prevent gender-related diseases. For example, hemophilia which occurs only in boys, and thalassemia, that are genetically related and gender specific from being passed on by the mother or the father to the baby.

It may help reduce abortion rate. Many doctors have reported that a number of parents opt for abortion after discovering the sex of their baby.

It allows couples to plan their family effectively. It gives parents effective control over the number of children they want. In some countries like China, for example, where couples are only allowed one or two child/children.

In instances where parents have lost a child, this can be a way to get over the loss.

What exactly do you do? Tell us about your company, the promoters and their qualifications? 

We provide different services such as DNA Paternity Testing, Genetic and Hormonal Predisposition Tests for 124 Diseases and Conditions in Africa, which includes Cancers, Cardiovascular Conditions, Aging, Immune System Disorders, and Stress Levels, selling of Select a Sex Maternal Transdermal Patches, Non-invasive test for fetal anomaly, for example, Down syndrome, Genetic Counseling and Genetic training, DNA Forensic, etc

HumGene Limited was incorporated in 2016 as a limited liability company registered with corporate affairs commission (RC 1372170). We specialize in Genetic testing for genetic disorders, DNA paternity testing etc. Most of our test include full gene analysis by DNA sequencing and Next generation sequencing.
The promoters are:

* Adewale Fashina,

BSc. Pharmacology, MSc Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacologist.
* Maryam Atinuke Ajikobi,

MSc Human Genetics ( Mcgill University) Geneticist,

PhD Candidate Public Health/ Epidemiology.




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