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‘Segregation in Nollywood should be dismantled,’ says SUNKANMI OMOBOLANLE

SUNKANMI Omobolanle, a talented Nollywood actor has just clinched a deal with brandandearn.com, an advertising company that pays motorists for covering their cars with client’s advertisement.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about the deal, his career and marriage.


Congratulations on your new deal with brandandearn.com.

Thank you very much.

How does it feel clinching that deal?

I am so excited.  I must tell you, I am happy.  I never saw it coming.

How long is it going to last?

Two years.

How much is it worth?

It is worth it, trust me.

How did they get in touch with you?

My management company got a call, I was informed and we fixed a meeting.  But before that, I asked them what the company has to do with my work.  I was made to understand that it is about branding people’s cars and paying them for it.  The company I am affiliated with is not just taking from people, they are also giving to the people.  Other artistes will soon come on board.

What gave you an edge over others?

I don’t know what their selection process was, their qualification for choosing people.  I think it is just because of my work.

Your car will also be branded?

They are branding my car.  They are branding my job.  They are branding everything that has to do with Omobolanle.

What is your plan, goals you set for yourself career wise in 2015?

I started work right from January 5, 2015.   I asked my script writer to start work too.  It has been a while I shot a movie.  We are planning to release one by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Why the break?

I looked at the market and I am not impressed by what I saw.  Piracy is killing the industry also.  For me, it is not a means of livelihood, it is a career.  It is what my father does, it is a family business.  I believe I need to do something extraordinary.  My greatest ambition is surpassing the standard he set.  I know it will take the grace of God though.

You said you are not satisfied with the state of things in the industry.  What do you think can be done to remedy the situation?

They should kill piracy.  Producers are no longer willing to pump so much money into movies without getting anything in return.  If they don’t pump so much money into production, how do you expect the actors to feed?  Piracy is doing a whole lot of damage to the business.

We have this issue of segregation too.  I don’t like it, if it is Nollywood, we should stand in unity and not say I belong to the Yoruba genre, I belong to the English genre.  It shouldn’t be, we are one.

Based on the problem confronting the industry, what does the future hold?

I am positive, I believe we will stop their activities.  Thank God the government is already part of what we do.  I know with time, things will change.

How is marriage treating you?

Marriage is nothing but joy for me.  My wife’s prayers are working.  I am encouraging a lot of people to get married.

Do you agree with the saying that a lot of your colleagues find it difficult to stay in marriage?

I don’t agree to that.  I believe everybody wants to be happily married but there is something in opposition to that.  Actors are role models, they should always showcase the positive side to the world.  Actors should try as much as possible to keep their homes, their homes should also keep them too.  I can only talk about my home.  I will do everything to stay in my marriage.




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