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Senator Ndume’s suspension finds no support

The 6 months suspension of Senator Ali Ndume for bringing to the notice of the Senate two issues in public domain about Senate President Bukola Saraki and Dino Melaye has been roundly condemned.

The punishment issued on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, does not only run against the grain of democracy, it has no support in logic and common sense. What’s more, it portrays the Senate as a vindictive body without care about the national interest.
Here are some views by our compatriots…

Bolaji Okusaga:


Suspending Ali Ndume for asking questions about Melaye’s qualification and unpaid duties on Saraki’s Range Rover is preposterous and crazy. The legislature exists for law making, inquests and oversights, so what Ali Ndume did was well within his purview.


Baron Ridwan Bada:

So Sen Ali Ndume has been suspended for 6 months…Okay oo…but come to think of it, is this suspension with or without pay?


Temitope Babarinsa:

Because Senator Ali Udume challenged Senate President Bukola Saraki and Senator Dino Melaye, in the red Chambers, that was why he has been persecuted. Honorable Jubril in House of Representatives did the same, he was expelled from the House. Nigerians need to demand for total overhaul of National Assembly. Is it a crime for someone to speak the truth?

Senator Ali Udume! Tough time never lasts, tough people do. Nigerians are  fully behind you.


Chuka Iwugo:

Nigerians should know the truth. The truth is that we have three parties in power controlling the three arms of government:

Executive: CPC

Legislature: New PDP

Judiciary: ACN

No wonder we are having cocktail of confusion in government. 2019 will be exciting!!!


Joshua Fatai Omeiza:

Let somebody educate us. How did Senator Ndume err in this his motion to warrant suspension. If he hadn’t raised the issue, would Saraki have had the opportunity to clear himself. Ndume did not accuse Saraki or Dino of any crime. He only wanted the Senate to clear its name which was being dragged into the mud by such publication.

Saraki is the real Tyrant.


Oputa Ndubuisi:

It’s not just suspending Ndume, but it is our tomorrow that is being played with here by the Senators. It means no one senator will raise objection to the decisions of the leadership of the Senate even when it runs against public interest. These senators are trying to hold this country to ransom if we don’t rise up.


Olusegun Alonge:

The president played himself into the hands of these in Senate. He does not know politics, but he forgot he needs game players to tag along. He has game players in his party. Bola Tinubu would have changed the face of this game had it been the president allowed him to play the game. Politics is like chess game, your brain must be open at all time.


Ogbonna C Ossai:

Ndume has become the victim of the battle between Ali and Senate. He talks before he thinks instead thinking before taking. This is always the consequence of such misdemeanor. Others must learn from this. Being assertive does not mean talking irrationally. I support the suspension.


Anthony Nwaobasi:

The Senate have no moral right to suspend a man who just wanted to know the truth. Are we really in democracy or autocracy? The masses should rise to his defense.


Pati Samaila Zabir:

Hahahahah! Please join me in celebrating the APC Government. When a hyana wants to eat some of its  children, it first accuses them of smelling like goats. That’s the condition of APC Government for now.

Congratulations for confusing Nigerians.


Peace Uche Moses:

Trying to distract Nigeria with senseless issues… Please, Senate should pass  2017 budget and stop all this drama. I am not interested shhhhhh


Femi Akinyande:

There should be a national conference whether Nigerians want the  Senate . The office is too exorbitant and of no purpose to our national interest. It is time!!!


Hassern Mustapha:

Where are all our senators in APC and Northern Nigeria that all these things are happening? Do you mean no SENATOR has right to bring any issue concerning the citizens as long as it’s contrary to the principal officer’s opinion? Shame on you. Those nonsense people are not supposed to continue representing US! I am protesting against all their decisions! They kept what is useful aside and concentrating on useless things! We support PMB with all our heart and we pray to almighty Allah to destroy them and their evil plan against the president and Nigerians!


Sama’ila Abdullahi:

Senate should stop kidding Nigerians. We voted you in to represent us on national issues but these eight senators are the worst to be sent. I will never vote for any senator again.


Abdulmumuni Abubakar:

This is becoming so alarming that some senators are bigger than some.

The ex-governors and now senators are stronger because they have excess money to bribe other poor senators to manipulate whatever agenda they have against Nigerians!


Ibrahim M Inuwa:

With the recent suspension this proves the guilt nest of Mr Saraki and Dino, and believe that something is behind the masks. Only that Saraki and Dino find ways to hide the truth of the allegations.


Senior Lerewa Saminaka Kd:

Give me something strong enough and powerful than Sarakis, let me tell Nigerians Sarakis is heading no where than confusing the house,personalizing hatred with Ndume and the members of Senates’ with all Nigerians…


Abu Afrah A Ali:

The fear of Saraki is the begining of senators wisdom. Saraki is obviously the most powerful man in Nigeria.


Sanusi Ali:

Saraki owns the Senate…


Yakubu Bello Aliyu Makarfi:

These Senators are a disgrace to Nigerians because they behave like nusery school children.  But as for me l blame the president for not being  active on legislation matters because this never happened in the past. Where are the so called members of the APC in the Senate?


Hassan Kaffoi:

The truth is that Ndume was only trying to put things right.


Magnificent Jaunty:

Senator Saraki is a well rounded politician. Don’t underestimate his influence. Soon this fight will consume PMB if care is not taken. #impeachmentknocking.

It is high time to start watching their excesses!


Barnabas Auta:

His plan was if this Saraki and Melaye were guilty then they should have vanished from the Senate, and with his envy it was finally rebound on him.


Abraham Akyala:

They almost made it a House of ridicule and no longer House of Senate. We pray that this will train him in an orderly way and make him realize his duties and responsibilities as Senator.


Emmanuel Danladi Tsintse:

When you  no sabi catch thief, thief go catch you .


Suleiman Ubandoma Dahiru:

If you  start a war, remember there are rules of engagement.




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