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Skyrocketing food prices worry Nigerians

Things are no longer the way they used to be, with the harsh economy biting hard in the country.

 Investigations carried out by revealed that with inflation dropping to about 16.5%, there are hardly any changes in the prices of food stuffs in the market.

 Meanwhile, Nigerians reacted to the worrisome situation…


Lawal Bukola

There is no sign that inflation has dropped at all. I don’t agree that inflation has dropped because if truly inflation has dropped there should be decrease in price of every thing we are buying. But it has not affected any product, things are still high in the market.


Oluwaseyi Dolapo

We heard that inflation has dropped but we did not see the decrease in price of commodities. Instead, things are just getting hard and Buhari said he is happy with the way our economy is. But I will advise the Federal government that they should drop the corruption work they are doing. They should just face this economic problem we are facing. The thing is getting out of hand, we need quick solution to the issue of economy.


Oriade Opemipo

If inflation has really dropped down why are we not seeing the effect in the market? Things have not reduced at all in the market. I urge the federal government that they should provide a quick solution.


Orji Amarachi

Since last Saturday I visited the market, I did not see any difference. Inflation has not come down. Food items and some other things are still selling the same price, some are even getting high. There is no changes in any product. The government should help us on this issue.


Abubakar Risikat

Nothing has reduced in market, things are just getting high. Some people even say it’s because of Muslim festival that is coming up. That is why things are costlier in the market and  it’s not suppose to be like that. We heard that inflation has dropped but nothing changed in market. The federal government really needs to provide us a better solution.


Okonkwo Debby

Things are just still the same way they used to be. There is nothing like inflation has dropped. I went to the market yesterday and things are still on the high side. I don’t know where people got their own information from.


Oluwafemi Ayodele

This regime is terrible. I am still confused with the way Buhari affirmed that he is happy with the growth of the economy. Things are still on the high side. Inflation has dropped by the words of their mouths but foodstuffs are still very expensive that the poor amongst us cannot afford.


Mrs. Tolu 

I heard about inflation dropping to 16.5% but things are still very expensive in the market. Maybe I think it’s because of the Sallah celebration, we are hoping that things will normalise after the celebration.


Winifred Akin

Things are expensive in the market. Though I have not gone to the market this week,.with all indications things are still on the high side. Maybe owing to the fact that the Muslims are about celebrating their Sallah. Let’s hope things would be normal after the celebration as Buhari has okayed the economy.


Elias Obekpa

Things are still the way they used to be. I am not pleased with the present government. Inflation has not yet dropped in any way. Maybe because of the celebration coming up we have not noticed the change.  But believe me, you things are still very expensive.


Shukurat Alimi and Chika Okorie for




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