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Star actress, Adeola Adelowotan dispels romance with NURTW boss, Olohunwa

STAR actress, Adeola Adelowotan is no doubt one of the famous faces in the movie industry.  The Yoruba actress, who is just five years in the industry, on Thursday, January 17, 2012, in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke on her relationship with former NURTW boss, Alhai Rafiu Olohunwa and much more…


What is the latest about you career wise?

I have many projects right now that I am executing but I thank God for everything because my career is doing fine.

Are you still into TV presentation?

Yes, I am still into it but I just decided to hold on for a while.

For how long have you been in the movie industry?

I have been in the industry for five years now.

How would you rate yourself in the industry?

I am there and I thank God I am progressing.

So far, what has been the pains and gains of being an actress?

There are so many pains and gains.  Actually, the pain is that I am not always at home as necessary with my children and husband.  I am always on location for about two to three days, then go back for another movie shoot. The gain of being an actress is extraordinary because of the passion I have for acting.

Which movie brought you into limelight?

There are so many movies I have done, but the ones people love and the most famous are Iyan Ogun Odun and Omo Gomina, a Yoruba movie released in 2009 and 2010.  I believe people really love the movies.

There is this rumour that you are dating former NURTW boss, Alhaji Rafiu Akanni Olohunwa.  How true is that impression?

I don’t know anything about Olohunwa.  Although, I met him once at a party, he is not my person and we are not close. If at all we are close, then people can cook up a rumour but we are not close.  In fact, I did not see him all through last year.  Besides, I do not associate with such people.

You look pretty, what is your beauty routine?

I am not a make-up freak.  I just love my face to be pretty.  I also make sure I cleanse my face every night.

What’s the relationship between you and Iyabo Ojo, you guys seem not to be close anymore?

Iyabo Ojo is still my person.

Why were you not at her birthday?

I travelled, I returned a few days ago.

How would you rate the current state of the industry?

We are progressing and things are getting better.  We thank God.

Are you a fashion freak?

Yes, I love my fashion. I love and I always go for Gucci.

Where do you hope to see yourself in few years?

I hope to see myself progressing and on the top of my career.

This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, January 24, 2012



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