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Susan Chanel excited about finding Mr. Right

‘He’s my missing ribs’

Susan Chanel is the brain behind award-winning beauty and skin care line, Susan Chanel Beauty Skincare and she has been in the business for a while with a long list of clientele to show for it. The beautiful light-skinned beautician got married traditionally in Warri (Delta) to the man she described as her missing rib.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her at her well equipped office and she told us all about her husband, how they met and why she got attracted to him…


It’s the second quarter of the year, can you access the year so far businesswise?

God has been good. It is just the fuel and electricity issues we’ve been having. That’s basically the hitch we have for now.

Has the present economic crunch affected business in any way?

Yes, it has. People that used to buy more now buy less. Business has been affected in so many ways but we bless God still.

What does it take to succeed in your line of business?

Self discipline is key and you also need to have passion for what you do. Passion is the basic thing in running a business. If there is no passion, the moment any challenge comes, you would just want to give up. But when you have passion, there’s always a determination to succeed.

A lot of people are delving into the beauty business, how do you handle competition?

Susan Chanel is a brand that stands out amongst others. I think we lead and others follow. Our signature products speak for us. So, I don’t see anyone as a competitor. The sky is very wide for all the birds to fly. Susan Chanel is a brand and people that use our brand can testify about us. Our brand is good and we sell authentic products. We don’t sell imitation.

What strategies do you employ to make your customers keep coming back?

Good customer service is key. You need to have a good rapport with your customers, always follow up and we read and carry out researches and send tips to our customers on how to care for their skin. That’s how we keep our clients coming back for more.

Congratulations on your traditional wedding, how does it feel?

I feel fulfilled. That was the aspect of my life that wasn’t complete.

When is the white wedding?

The white wedding is at the end of the month.

How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend. My friend was like Susan, I won’t let you go. I have a husband for you.

How long have you both been together?

We’ve been together for about a year now.

What attracted you to him?

He is humble, he understands me. He understands the business I am into. He is a counselor, so he counsels me on how to handle my business and customers. He is my missing rib.

Are there any new products that you’ve introduced lately?

We have so many products. We now have our signature body scrubbing. It involves scrubbing, exfoliating and steaming. It gives an immediate glow to the body.

Aside sales of cosmetics, what other services do you offer?

We offer massage, facials, microdermabrasion, G5 massage, skin wash, v-steaming and more.

How do you source ingredients for your signature products?

We source and use strictly natural products. Susan Chanel brands are strictly natural. We don’t use hydroquinone, mercury or steroids as it damages the skin.

You studied Psychology in the university and now you’re in the beauty business. How did it happen?

Back in the university, I have always had his passion for beauty products. I sold cosmetics to my friends and from room to room in the hostel. I have always had a passion for it. If you ask my friends, they would say the same thing. I have always had a dream of going on the cosmetics business because I love good skin and light skinned ladies. I love good skin because good skin speaks on its own.

How has the experience been so far?

It has been good! God has been the pillar of the business. If it is by my power I won’t be where I am today.

Susan Chanel is almost three years in business, where do you see yourself in two years when Susan Chanel Beauty Skincare would be 5?

For Susan Chanel at 5, I see the Susan Chanel brands in malls and major stores. You don’t need to get to our store before you get our products. My target plan is for Susan Chanel to be an household name and on shelves and counters of stores and pharmacies.




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