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Teenagers turn prostitutes in Abeokuta, resident cries over menace

Veteran producer and director, Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin (better known as Dudu) has raised a worrisome alarm over the mushrooming of teenage prostitutes around the Stadium in Abeokuta  (Ogun state).

the 64 year old documenrarist wrote an open letter to the governor of the good people of Ogun state (Senator Ibikunle Amosun).
In his open letter posted on his Facebook page, he cried:

Mr Governor. I’ve just spent some quality weeks holiday in my bunk in Abeokuta. A city that has for 64 years been a refuge to me and a place in perfect sync with my spirit.
Every morning and afternoon when I take my daughter to and from school driving between Olomore and Asero, I get a rush. Why?
It’s the feel of the the beautiful roads and flyovers that make it possible to drive from one end of Abeokuta to the other within 10 minutes. It’s just surreal. History will never forget your tenure.
However, that’s the good news. Now the bad news. The ugly news.
Senator Amosu. dress incognito any evening of the week from around 8 pm and go to the stadium.
As you enter the gates of the Moshood Abiola Stadium you see them. Teeming army of girls some of who are just babies as young as 15 years old. You see in the flickering lights of the night tiny spindly legs beneath second hand dresses that can hardly conceal their sacred parts.
As you drive deeper into the stadium you see a sight that should disturb every responsible parent or political leader. You see them in groups of two, there’s , fours and even maybe ten standing together among the cars in the car parks. Scantily dressed shamefully soliciting openly for men provocatively dressed like professional daughters of eve.
You see men of all ages and classes picking them up and disappearing into the night. When it gets very late and the night looks like being less lucrative, you see some of them disappearing into cars packed at dark corners. What happens in the dark interiors can only be imagined. Sometimes you see as many as a 100 of these teenagers on parade.
Gov AMOSU, don’t get me wrong, the night entertainment in Abeokuta and specifically the stadium is a plus for the new phase of modernity Abeo is going through. People within the town and thousands of people who visit for business and pleasure from within and out of town have a place to take a cold drink , listen to some baaad Naija music vibes. It’s one of the things I miss badly anytime I’m out of the country for a long period. That cannot excuse the social cancer going on in the fringes . That’s where I want you to clean up . Don’t throw the baby and the bath water away.
I’m reliably informed that this army of teenage prostitutes come from secondary schools and all
higher institutions within and outside the state. There have been many cases when some of these kids have fallen prey to ritualists who dismember them and throw their corpses in the bushes.
If any Government builds all the roads in the world, Build all schools possible, Even promote agric till the markets are bursting with products but ignore the human factor , the social engineering phenomenon, it will still be a failed administration.
I hereby call on Governor IBIKUNLE Amosu and the Ogun State Government, NGOs dedicated to child and women issues like the one headed by Dr Okei Odumakin, the women Radio Station like WFM 101.7, to do your research and get cracking.
Abeokuta is a bastion of culture, high Entertainmnt , and hospitality.
Teenage prostitution is a blight on our collective decency!!! I have a three year old daughter I cherish like life. I curse the day her friends or classmates will be mature enough to be out in the night soliciting.
Get our daughters off the streets!!!
I plead with all responsible parents and adults to share this post or enlighten us with their own personal experiences and observations.
Development is not just about structures it’s more
Importantly about quality existence. We don’t want Abeokuta to be another NewYork!!!



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