Terror threat: ‘Be vigilant and watchful’, Lagosians advised

The claim by Shakau that Boko Haram was responsible for the bomb blast in Apapa, Lagos is causing apprehension among Lagosians. We went to town to sample people’s opinion about the development and those who obliged us maintained Lagosian should be vigilant and be watchful of where they visit while calling on the state government not to take threat with kid gloves and beef up security around public places in the state.

‘Blast will definitely affect Lagosians if it is true’
The Apapa, Lagos, blast will definitely affect Lagosians if it is true it was a terrorist attack. I’m personally afraid.
Security agencies have to be at alert to avert a large scale attack.

‘Terrorism is evil and we have to pray against it’
If the blast was a bomb attack, it calls for serious investigation. Terrorism is evil and we have to pray against it.
What need to be done is to beef up security in and around Lagos.

‘Government shouldn’t take anything for granted’
I think the fear of Boko Haram has become the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria. One needs to be very careful, and the government shouldn’t take anything for granted. The statement by Shekau should be taken very seriously, Lagosians should be very careful and watchful at all times.
Since I heard of it, I have been very careful of my movement. Above all, it’s only God that can protect us. But Lagos State government and the police should put enough security measure on ground to ensure safety of lives and properties.

‘Security agents should beef up security at all the necessary areas’
The fact that Shekau claimed responsibility for what happened in Apapa, Lagos, doesn’t mean it’s true. He may just be seeking undue attention from the South-West. But still at that, the government of Lagos State should not take his statement for a joke.
Also, the police and other security agents should beef up security at all the necessary areas, including churches, mosques, markets, cinemas, shopping mall, motor parts and others. And we should all be praying against their evil presence in Lagos and other parts of the country.

‘Everybody needs to be very vigilant’
Although I have my reservations about the claims of Shekau on the blast in Apapa, Lagos, but the silence of Lagos State on the issue has not given one enough confidence that the Boko Haram sect has not infiltrated the state.
I think the state government and the police should tell us whether the sect was responsible for the Apapa blast. Whether the sect was responsible for the Apapa blast or not everybody needs to be very vigilant security wise.
I don’t know whether it is true or not that the state government has installed CCTV in some strategic positions in the city, if it is true that is good. If not, I think it’s high time they did.

‘It is unfortunate that the country has gotten itself into this mess’
It is unfortunate that the country has gotten itself into this mess. A year or two ago, there are rumoured that the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram would land in Lagos and now it’s happening before our very eyes – the explosion of a tank farm in Apapa killing more than seven people though the report was properly managed. Now, we are praying that the first killing in Lagos claimed by the terrorist group will not repeat itself as fear grips Lagosians.
On what to do to avert it, efforts in uncovering the root of Boko Haram and their sponsors must be intensified as time is not on our side. By now, we should have liquidated them. What Boko Haram has enjoyed in time past is the massive media coverage of its success and quasi-success and they have been emboldened by this with its politicization. The Lagos State government should intensify effort in beefing up security in all public institutions i.e churches, mosques, hotels, malls and motor parks.

‘Security of lives and property belong to God’
We are in a big problem if Shekau’s claims in the new video is true, that means, nobody is safe in this country, and the consequences of Boko Haram in Lagos will be more damaging. Lagos is over-crowded and it’ll be easy for Boko Haram to carry out their devilish attacks anywhere in the state if our security system fails to curtail it. Let me state this, the bombing in Apapa during Ramadan further buttresses the fact that there is nothing Islamic about the sect. A muslim doesn’t kill unjustly.
First, security of lives and property belong to God. He’s the Chief security officer. However, our security agencies need to do more. Everybody should be vigilant and report any strange people or movement to the police.

‘I don’t think Shekau is telling the truth’
It is a really disturbing revelation, if we can call it that. But sincerely, I don’t think Shekau is telling the truth, beside what would Boko Haram gain from bombing Lagos. A place that has a good mixture of both Christians and Muslims, so I really don’t think there is really a cause for alarm.

‘Shekau’s statement should be looked into by the authorities’
Shekau’s statement should be looked into by the authorities, I mean the security operatives and the likes. They should also come out to tell us whether it was just a tanker explosion or a bomb was detonated. We have a right to know what it truly was. I won’t advise that we take his statement lightly.



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