The black & white Ball: Transforms into a symphony of sophistication and soigné

THE good and the great, the gorgeous and the glamorous, please adorn your most elegant apparels in monochrome and accompany us to Ruby Gardens, Lekki, Lagos, this Sunday, August 10, 2014.  Let’s arrive in good time to experience first-hand the 7-star ceremony like no other.
Don’t forget your simple but classy invitation card of The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards and showcasing jaw-dropping drapes and duds.
Adorn good form and ooze panache in metric tons as we approach Kilometre 11, on Lekki-Epe Expressway (Lagos) for the high-octane event put together by ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, for the benefit and enjoyment of stars of movies and music, television and comedy, high profile and uncommon entrepreneurs, game-changing professionals and serious politicos.
Ladies and gentlemen, don’t break a sweat or entertain panic.  It is your day.
Follow us as we make our way towards the Gem of New Lagos.  Confidence will reside in your bosom as you notice dozens of policemen, our friends, around the vicinity.  Their carriage and mien are reassuring as they parade the grounds and environs.
LASTMA officials, our partners for our events which colour the social calendar crimson and cheerful are ubiquitous.  They wave you on as you make your way to the car park.  With your vehicle properly positioned, take a last-minute look in your mirror and gingerly step out with your invitation card handy.  Adjust your garbs and put your best foot forward.
You can match confidently towards the gate dominated by big, bulky but polite men and women from K-Square Security.  With expressionless faces, they stand erect, with the guest list handy.
Present your invitation card, and it’s promptly checked and ticked from a master list.  Once you pass the dress and colour code of formal attires in black and white, you step onto lush, expansive black carpet.
Here, you are at the welcome reception,  an L-shaped arena with The Tent Event canopies as shades, leading all the way to the two marquees –for the cocktails and main event.
The arena is colourful and welcoming.  As your gaze dashes left and right, you see a number of mannequins exhibiting pieces from MUDI, Message, House of Bunor, Twice as Nice and more.  You gasp at the heart-thumping designs from some of our most creative designers and clothiers.
Before you catch your breath, soft music wafts into your ears and you almost unconsciously start nodding to the melody.
Journalists – reporters, photographers and cameramen –attract your attention, and beckon for photographs and interviews.  There’s a long stretch of backdrop, with logos of sponsors and supporters of the fifth edition of The Black & White Ball.
Friends and acquaintances populate the black carpet, and you shake hands, backslap, hug and blow kisses in the air as you chit chat.
At a corner is a studio modeled after a billionaire’s pad manned by experienced hands from Replica Digital Photo Studio.  You can pose here for more professional pictures at a token which you get almost immediately.
Many stay on longer on the black carpet soaking in the fun and drama, while others proceed to the cocktail marquee…
You get a glimpse of what the evening promises here.  The décor, by Mrs. Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo’s Elizabeth R, holds your gaze and brings prayers of appreciation to your lips. Objects of perpetual fascination arrest your attention.
And even before you settle in, colourful cocktails by deft hands mixing products of Intercontinental Distillers Ltd., makers and distributors of world class drinks –from Veleta Sparkling Fruit Drink, Finlays Tonic Wine, Squadron Blended Dark Rum, Chelsea London Dry Gin to Chapeau wine – are on offer.
The reception marquee provides another platform to network and set you in the mood.
Soon, elegantly clad ushers of Elizabeth R announce the kick-off of the second leg of the roller-coaster ball –and they lead you through the L-shaped carpet to the magical marquee, the bigger one.
As you step into the arena, you stop to savour splendour.  Objet d’art is everywhere, and black and white dot the marquee in a beautiful symphony that warms your bosom.  From table pieces to walkway objects, you are in amazement.
Before you settle in your seat, you notice you are flushed with thrill –and you wonder why.  Then you realize it’s the music from Julius D’ Genius Agwu’s Real Laif Band, soothing and comforting, nostalgic and inspiring.
In no time, more colourful cocktails, in large and small, tall and short glasses appear from Labash.  Bashir Tanimowo’s juices without additives caress your palates, and you roll your eyes in satisfaction.
Then your eyes wander around the marquee and stops at the stage, a wondrous piece from Z-mirage.  There are two large screens and more.  Dazzling lights set the mood for the evening of excitement.
Your gaze again darts to a raised platform where DJ Jimmy Jatt stands tall.  You know for certain that the king of disc jockeying who rules and reigns for the pleasure of all will make your day.
The enthralling evening with all the elements of pleasure has ceaseless dramatic twists and turns –and every episode draws ohs and ahs and applause.
All around you, monochrome in a symphony of sophistication and soigné titillates.  Tuxedo mingles well with agbada, and dresses mixes seamlessly with iro and buba.  The picture of formality gladdens without any tincture of excess.
A-list actors, from Yoruba to English language movies, are at home with rave of the moment musicians.  Socialites rub shoulders with entrepreneurs.  Politicians put aside ideologies and affiliations to enjoy themselves.
The mixture of the young and the restless, bold and beautiful and the gracefully ageing and charming amplify the evening.
While a thousand and one things are going on, our dapper anchor steps on the magnificent stage to officially kick off the night of glamour and glitz.  And for a moment, a deafening silence overwhelms.
As he navigates the night from performances to awards and more, gazes are fixed, and follow proceedings with rapt attention.
A festival of fun rolls before a thousand and one eyes.
And while all the spectacles go on, on stage, the waiters are busy treating you to fine dining.  The 10-course meal begins almost as soon as you settle in –and for about three hours you are busy savouring and relishing one delicacy after the other –from our team of caterers (Osho’s Celebrations, Bissy Catering Services, Hot Pots, Mark’z Catering Services, Phoebe’s, 12 Baskets and RL Desserts).
Intercontinental Distillers Ltd., with their array of wondrous drinks, speaks with one voice as Bonix (the husband and wife duo whose magical hands when it comes to drinks are unmatchable).  Spirits, champagne, wine, beverages and beer and more are never in short supply.
Dancing is encouraged, as guests populate the floor at will.
From 4 till 10 p.m, the ball rocks hither and thither and joyously.

The honourees, of our Elegance, Style and Substance Awards, are still under wraps as excitement and hope dance in the hearts of dandies, fashionistas and clothes horses.
The trophy, Elesho Totem, will, however, go home with some of our most knowledgeable and inspiring style icons and leaders on Sunday, August 10, 2014.
The categories (on the right) carefully identify those who improve our style and fashion industry, and many who inspire a generation.

We enjoy hosting the most colourful and engaging characters in this land of the blessed and favoured. And we cherish pampering to pleasure the object of our celebration, our stars and dream makers.
So, Sunday, August 10, 2014, is your day, those we love hosting and honouring.  But we make only a few demands…
Please, respect the dress and colour code of very formal attires in monochrome.  Men should adorn a tuxedo, crisp white shirt, waist coat or cummerbund, braces or suspenders, black tie (bow or long) and gleaming black shoes.
Agbada and ceremonial garbs of any ethnic group are allowed.
Dames and damsels can pick dresses (knee length or floor-sweeping), with killer heels.
Traditional iro and buba, skirt and blouse and top and George wrapper pass well.
The second demand – we enjoin you to exude good form.  Treat all with respect and kind consideration.  Don’t make unnecessary demands, and never order anyone around.
From the moment you arrive, obey policemen and LASTMA officials, accord respect to our security guards and men and women who will wait hand and foot on you to ensure your pleasure is multiplied.
Remember, the elegant and well bred exhibit good form at all times.
Now to our last demand: Kindly arrive in good time.  Events are timed and staged for the pleasure of guests.  When you stroll in at odd and late hours, you diminish the spectacle on offer.
For The Black & White Ball, there are programmes from 4 till 10 p.m.  What’s more, there’s a 10-course meal which will take about three hours to serve.
In order to help us have the show of our dreams, please arrive before 5.30 p.m.  Our gate will be closed at 5.30 p.m prompt.

We have been very lucky to have partners and associates who know how to put together and execute wondrous events.  From service providers to experts in various fields, we are surrounded by very creative people who encourage us to dream and dare.
And we never refuse support.  So, we are still open to partnerships and collaborations.  We seek more sponsors and supporters.
You can still be part of the 7-star ceremony.  Please, call or text 08055002034…



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