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The joke is on Banky W over Adesua’s nude video

 The nude Snapchat video of Banky W’s new wife, Adesua Etomi, on Tuesday, November 28, has elicited all manners of jokes and jibes.
Funny compatriots have been throwing rib-crackers at the 36 year-old superstar musician who married his actress wife, 29, on Saturday, November 25, before family and friends in South Africa.
Here are some of the jokes…

Pbel Pbel

please you both should stay off social media, I don’t know you both but I have so much love and affection for you both that it will break my heart to see anything go wrong with you both. Enjoy your honeymoon and God’s blessings be with you both

Prince Aifuwa Erikefe By the way nah today dem dey see nyash…Americans celebrities do expose their asset willing talk less of this one wich is unknown them…Abeg make una enjoy 😊 una self #My_Susu #Mr_Capable #Baad2017


Eseyoma Sodje-waugh

Wow you can’t even see anything. Leave them alone! People are too quick to judge. What has marriage got to do with this 😡😡😡😡. Why don’t you all go and post what’s happening in Libya and help our youths instead of bashing young married couple


Ogechi Eyidengha

Pls you guys should live this beautiful couple alone, go n mind ur own business. Allow them to enjoy their marriage abeggggggggggggggg. Jalosyyyyyyyyyyyyy will kill una


Chioma Umeh

A lot is wrong with that video when you look at this. So it is not Hating, it is cautioning. Adesua is a wonderful woman to be let low by this stupid act. You wouldn’t understand until you work hard to keep a good profile and honourable media image only to have this happening to you. I am a woman also.


Adaeze Grace Onoh

Buh Adesua will understand because she has a good heart and it’s a mistake from her man and not as though her man caught her somewhere else. Nice view. Though in a dark room. I didn’t see anything shaa


Annette Rose

Y the hating now? I don’t understand y pple will not mind dia business. They should allow them to enjoy there honeymoon.


Debra Debra

It’s like Omotola saw this coming.. she did warn u guys to stay off social media, must u post everything on social media. Na wa


Prince Adewuyi Oluwaseun

I think mumu don start early! I no want any Tori oh! Stay off social media for now! No tell u say I no warn u oh!


Achionye Clara Oduegbulem

Please you 2 should suspend the habit of putting anything you do on social media, please please and please get that single habit out because you are now married. People shouldn’t know what’s happening in your inner chamber please.


Funmilayo Oni

Leave dem alone to enjoy deir marriage oooo as for I know see anything ooo d room its dark


Joy John

I didn’t notice anything sef, haters can keep hating


Simon Edibo Mcee

Abeg haters leave them alone… The room is dark so I no see anything..


Lynda Ohams

Me sef no see anything… Wch kind unclad video b dat


Chinemerem Diana

Didn’t see anything fuck haters


Ornela Ika

And you’re happy about it? Shame on both of you


Ibezim Sandra

Am nt even sha the pesine posting dis rubbish is married, aunty go nd marry bfor u enta black friday for marriage (discount rate) broda go nd hustle e no easy to pay pesine bride price stupid pipo.

Happy #Baad2017 assuming i gt money i for cum #SA😂😘😘


Mfon Nsima

What v u guys seen? Haba Nigerians leave peoples life alone, focus on urs.


Dupe Salami

What’s the diff btw this and a swimming wear?


Folorunso Victoria Oluwabukola

Costly mistake


Kween Sheba Usman

Abeg nothing show .. 9jerians ha una can behave like Sudanese sometimes … Abeg carry on .. Hml .. God bless and padlock ur marriage .. Banky w has finally gotten married Thank God .. God bless u Adesua Wellington I love u .. All Edo chicks luv u .. Nothing show and nothing spoil ..


Greatness Bella

I did see anything ooooo that is not Adesuwa nakedness maybe it is the blogger’s nakedness fake news every we’re banky W my advice for you please stay of social media please


Abigael Aremu Otabor

The rate at which bloggers intrude in people’s privacy is really alarming. Does that look like a naked person? Even if it is, it’s their life and no one has a right over it. Dumb news


Peter Raymond Ayalogu

Thanks for showing us but make sure next time you make it clean and Clear enough for us to see…….stupidity is a High killing disease.


Dauda Abdullai

Please anyone making comment should make it short, so we professional comment readers (PCR) will be able to Read all comments.

Thanks for making our work easier!!


Lilian Swanky Udoma

How many of you repeated the video..looking for the butt??😂Raise ya hands!😅


Shittu Rukayat

Let’s come to think of it, it’s even this bloggers that are ruining everything, no one is above mistake ..not even this lailas gan


Aby Ogie

Kai! Which kain fuck up be dis? Dis is very dis tasteful to d eyes I must say! De are really starting on a very wrong and bad note! Darm! Smh!🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️


Celine Brown

Seriously banky fell my hands…. Gush! Y dint he inform her of wat he was abt to do so tinx like dis can b avoided


Tshepiso Moks

But this is stupid… I thought he was smarter than this…. Dude u are a celebrity keep your business private….


Chioma Chinonso Anuforo

She wasnt Even naked self kai dis bloggers eh nah so una dy won use make d money to scatter other peoples home to bad oh.


Ibiene Abbi

Omotola warned but dis is not bad as it feels in d minds of some persons….she didn’t show..d image was blur


Ali Kehinde Elizabeth

This is crazy…

At least he should av allowed her to dress up before filming…

U guys should deal it.


Francis Glory

I didn’t see her nakedness or her butt I only saw a person standing. people won’t stop being unreasonable


Adaugo Anyanwu

So this is real..hmmm am not surprised..

Celebrities are possessed already so that why the keep misbehaving in other to go round social media to become a celebrity the more..

So don’t panic is their work as well. To become a celebrity the more ..


Josephine Amodu

Banky small yansh way you the manage you con d advertise am hmmmmmmmmmm


Obianke Victory

Zebras.. Right outside the bedroom window

Zoo nko?


Shittu Rukayat

Even if it’s real must u share the video?abeg we’v all had enuf fun dunn comma spoil it with unnecessary post….. All the traffic jam never do u since last week… Mtcheew


Ruth Tola

Bloggers almighty God will destroy your homes


Onyinyechi Ndubuisi Ikpeama

I didn’t see anything special…. It’s even dark


Peace Okotie Ndabai

Panties Kwa Laila ooo😂😂😂😂. Banky by d time bloggers fall on u ur marriage will need God’s intervention.


Jenny Arrey

I dnt see anything, stop misleading pipo and let those pipo enjy their marriage haba


Hope Imeh

Nawa for uuuuuuu ooooooo, bankyw, i taught u were warned, but u didnt listen!


Bosede VeraLeo Saka

So sad! But you were warned to stay away from social media by Omotola Jalade. Hhmm…



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