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The Kingmaker: See 7 other live bands Sharp Bands’ CEO, Anesi Ivharue has ‘given birth’ to

Lagos based live musical group, Sharp Band, founded by amiable Anesi Ivharue is a widely travelled band, performing in and outside the country and has graced many big events for the high and mighty, shakers and movers of our land.

Known by Nigerian elites as their favourite when it comes to provision of quality live music to corporate and individual clients from all spheres of influence, delivering a totally unique and exciting musical experience over two decades of stalwart Leadership.

Sharpband has remained the most sort after Live Band in Nigeria.

However, the founder and CEO of the band, Anesi Ivharue, can be described as a platform giver. This is so because, Sharpband is the only allstar band around today that has raised seven other bands that are key players in the liveband sector today and they are all based in Lagos City and doing well in the entertainment sector.

The bands that were directly created out of Sharp Band includes, Exellentos Band, Veentage Band, Zeegroove Band, Mentholkay Band, Bten Band and Patty Band.

In a short chat with me on how does this make him feel, the star of the moment said, “I’m delighted. It’s my own little way of given back to the society. The space is enough for us all to function and expresses our God’s given talents. Whenever any of them want to go and start their individual bands, I always pray for them to succeed because, that will be my joy.

He said having 7 other bands to have come out of Sharp Band was made possible because, Sharp Band has grown not just as band, but as an institution, that impacts life’s positive music, and showbiz knowledge to its employees. It’s also, an employer of labour with a 25-man workforce (drivers, stage hands, sound engineers, singers).

Anesi Ivharue a music now dons the title if a Colossus, with three regular live performances weekly at high profile lounges and an average of six premium weddings and corporate events monthly, is no doubt a multi millionaire who does not flaunt his material wealth but shares his wealth of music experience with privileged ones that he is mentoring.

Unarguably the best, Sharp Band has been able to stand the test of time and has done cover for almost all Nigerian (now and then) musicians.
The Bands’ All Stars is always a delight to watch, as they skillfully renders all genre and cross-section of music effortlessly to the admiration of hosts and guests.



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