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The paddling offences leveled against Appropriations Committee Chairman Jibrin

The decision by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara to replace Abdulmumin Jibrin with Mustapha Bala Dawaki as chairman, House Committee on Appropriations has come to the front burner on the political scene.

Some claimed that the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, exercised his power in sacking the Kano-born All Progressives Congress politician, other sources affirmed that the resignation of the erstwhile Chairman, Committee on Appropriations was a personal decision.

Details are beginning to emerge and it is not surprising that the root cause of this rumpus is Jibrin’s methods and principles in handling the padded 2016 budget, as alleged.

According to Dogara’s announcement during Wednesday plenary, “He (Jibrin) came to me and said he cannot do it anymore and that the pressure was on him.”

Jibrin, whose Deputy Chairman was Chris Azubogu from the Peoples Democratic Party, Anambra State, though a friend to the Speaker, refused to play along in discharging his duties concerning the padded 2016 Budget; this was considered offensive for many others and brought about ‘many pressures’ which he could no longer carry, hence, his resignation.

Jibrin had been accused of allocating 20 projects worth N4.3 million to himself without the consent of his committee members and another N40 million worth of constituency projects without the consent or knowledge of other members.

Jibrin making his explanation said: “…whether I like it or not, I was the Chairman of Appropriations and my signature was on all the documents even though I know that I am not at fault.

“Of course, we are all aware of a lot of issues that took place during the process of the 2016 budget. I have always maintained one position, that as the Chairman, Committee on Appropriations, I did my very best. Until date, I have said that if anybody has anything that I have done that amounts to an abuse of my office, or amounts to an illegality, that it should be brought forward.”

On his social media platform, Jubrin wrote: “Today, I stepped down as the Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriation. This was done in the best interest of the House and the country at large, in order to let peace reign. It has been a rare privilege to serve first as the Chairman House Committee on Finance and until now as Chairman of the Appropriation Committee.”

Jibrin was the chairman of the committee on Finance in the 7th House of Representatives and presently represents Bebeji/Kiru federal constituency of Kano State.

The new Chairman, Committee on Appropriations, Mustapha Bala Dawaki, is also a member of the All Progressives Congress, a representative of Dawaki-Kudu/Warawa federal constituency, Kano State and formerly Chairman, Committee on Housing.

Nigerians are also anticipating the details “of what transpired in the 2016 appropriations” as promised by Jibrin.

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