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This is how much Ikoyigate whistle-blower should get

The whistle-blower(s) who exposed the cash secretly kept in Flat 7B, Osborne Towers, Ikoyi (Lagos) should smile to the bank before the end of November with almost a billion naira!

Since whistle-blowers are entitled to between 2.5 and 5 percent of recovered loot, here are the amounts the beneficiaries should get as compiled by

* $2,172,497.35 which is 5 percent of $43,449,947.


* £1,390, 5 percent of £27,800

* N1,160,900, 5 percent of N23,218,000

But if the payment is pegged at 2.5 percent, here are the figures:





With exchange rate of N360/$1 and N475/£1, here’s the total expected by the whistle-blower(s):

* At 5 percent
$2,172,497.35 times N360 = N782,099,046

£1,390 times N475 = N660,250


Grand total = N783,920,196

*At 2.5 percent, the grand total is N391,960,098



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