This phone’s battery lasts 5 days after full charge!

BEST ONE phone is a new product introduce to Nigerian market by JD7 Store to enable users enjoy lasting battery capacity all the time. It is built with military standard for rugged usage and big battery. The big battery can sustain your phone for more than five days working in full capacity, at the same time it can serve as Power Bank to charge other mobile phones.

And it is only N10,500!

Its functions and capacity led to it being referred to as ‘BEST ONE Military Quality Power Bank Phone’. It means you can never be out of reach in any part of the country due to low battery or poor reception, because its battery has 3600mAh capacity. Your BEST ONE Mobile Phone can work on powerfully and uninterrupted for at least a minimum of five days when it is fully charged.

 This Military Quality Phone is equipped with Dual SIM Card slot that works separately, Bluetooth, Bright flashlight, very Loud Speaker and External FM Radio. Other regular functions include Calculator, Calendar, Video Recorder, Internet for Facebook and more.

BEST ONE Military Quality Power Bank Phone is waterproof and water resistant, giving you that peace of mind during rainfall or when dropped in water. It is also dustproof, shockproof, explosion proof, anti-pressure and easy to use by anyone. It comes in Black, Green and Orange.

BEST ONE Military Quality Power Bank Phone is a ‘MUST HAVE’ for everyone and with ‘BEST BARGAIN’ only on JUMIA from JD7 Store (

For maximum benefit, users must ensure the battery is charged to full capacity before use.

What are you waiting for? Get your BEST ONE while stock last!



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