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Uzodimma preaches love, sacrifice at Easter

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State  has advocated the need for Christians to be  prepared to make sacrifices for the good of their neighbours and larger society.

He said they should reciprocate the love of Christ by joining hands to create a better society and country for all regardless of  religious and political affiliations.

Those were the words of the Governor in his Easter Sunday 2021 message to Imo people on Saturday. 

Governor Uzodimma harped on the necessity for the Christian -faithful to ponder and reflect on the power of the  love that made Christ die for all as well as to make such love a foundation on which a kinder and more inclusive society can be built with love as a defining factor in our relationships.

Governor Uzodimma said: “Let us therefore resolve during this Easter celebration to truly love our country and state by thinking more of what we can do to make our state and country better than thinking more of what we can get out of our country and state.

“Sacrifice is the pillar of love, therefore as true Christians, we must be prepared to make sacrifices for the good of our neighbors and larger society. We can reciprocate the love of Christ by joining hands in Christ-like love to create a better society and country.

“Often times, we bemoan the situation in our country without looking at the corresponding sacrifices and discomfort required to build a prosperous nation.

“Most times we beat the drums of war hankering for disintegration of the nation without recourse to love and compassion for each other which is actually the healing balm we require to stay together to build a greater country.

“Let the lessons of Easter teach us to be more tolerant, accommodating and compassionate in our relationship with one another.

“If we follow the footsteps of Christ who gave his life for our sake, there is no challenge that we cannot surmount as a people and nation.” 

Governor Uzodimma urged Imo people to let the Easter celebration be the renewal of their faith in God and the nation, a reminder of the love and compassion they owe one another, and a rededication of their lives to the service of others.

He thanked God for this year’s Easter celebration which unlike the previous year’s celebration that was marred by the devastating effect of the Covid 19 pandemic, is being observed in a convival atmosphere devoid of fear and uncertainty.

The Governor acknowledged that the worst of the pandemic seemed to be over, but however harped on the need for continued internal vigilance and observance of COVID-19 safety protocols, even as he assured Imo Governor of the safety of the vaccine as attested by him, his wife and others who had recently taken the vaccination.

He reiterated that the safety of the people remains the focal point of his administration’s agenda as he reeled out the achievements recorded in his first anniversary in office, particularly in provision of more motorable roads, infrastructural development, youth employment, and appreciate improvement in the educational and health sectors as was also witnessed by members of the cream of Nigeria’s society during the celebration marking the first anniversary of his administration.

Finally,the governor called on Imo citizens to recommit themselves to love one another and the state ,in the spirit of Easter, to resolve to shun rumour mongering, spreading of malice falsehood against government and each other as well as to realise that this state is the only state that they can call their own, and enjoined them to do all in their power to protect and not destroy it , to show love to one another.

Oguwike Nwachuku 

CPS/Media Adviser to the Governor 



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