Was Osinbajo’s one-hour meeting with Buhari in UK necessary?

Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) visited ailing President Muhammadu Buhari in London on Tuesday, July 11, 2017… with their meeting lasting only one hour.

Nigerians are divided on the merit of the whistle-stop visit with over 15 hours in the air.
But insiders have listed the merits of the visit after almost 70 days of silence from the 74 year old leader of over 191 million people which has led to wild speculations.
Here are some of the benefits of the trip as compiled by
1. He needed to assess the state of health of the President himself. 
For almost 70 days, he had to depend on the information supplied by close aides of Buhari and his family.
Seeing his boss, and assessing the situation means everything. It gives him first hand situation report and allows him to take informed positions.
2. He needed to show that he’s on the same page with his boss.
As some of Osinbajo’s actions and pronouncements have been misinterpreted.
Being with Buhari underscored the spirit of playing as a team.
3. Curtail the excesses and mischief of the cabal.
The cabal which has its own agenda was undermining the Acting President and preventing him from performing his duties.
Now, the members of the cabal will soft pedal and listen to him as the man saddled with running the country.
4. Reassure Nigerians that he’s actually the Acting President. 
Since he now has the ears of his boss, he can properly discharge his duties as he reassures us that we have no reason to panic.
5. Buhari is alive, not on life-support machine. Which relays a message of hope many are yearning for. 
Because he’s a Christian, a pastor, a professor of Law, he’s more believable to tell us that the President is alive and not in a bad state.
And he has already done so.
6. Calm the polity and assuage the fears of investors. 
His visit will have a calming effect on the heated polity and give investors reasons not to panic.



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