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We are not surprised that APC lost in Osun by election, Nigerians

Following the victory of Peoples Democratic Party in the just concluded Osun West Senatorial district election in the State where Ademola Adeleke won nine out of 10 local Government areas in the district, Nigerians have interpreted PDP’s victory and the possibility of All Progressives Congress’ victory in  future election.

Simeon Brown
I will not vote for APC. I am hungry, things are so hard, there is no solution in sight. It is a party of all promises but they lack fulfillment. I think that is what happened in Osun State. A lot of people are now wide awake because they have seen hardship, they know their destinies are in their hands. I am really excited such happened in Osun State.
Yetunde Ajibola
You may say that, I schooled in Osun State and I am used to hearing people curse the Government because of hardship in the state. I think the people are gradually waking up to reality. And I pray more people will wake up to reality.
Kingsley Agboola
The Government has sold the state. I don’t think APC can win in the forth-coming election. APC has dealt with workers on the State. The State is populated with Government workers and youth, the Government has dealt so much with them, the party can’t have their support again
Alexander Attah
I think PDP won the election because of Adeleke. Assuming he was alive, people would have voted for him irrespective of the party. I don’t think people are interested in party again but in the personality.
Adeola Oye
Power lies in the people ultimately, you can deceive some people for sometime but you can’t deceive them all the time. It shows Nigerians are not stupid.



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