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What we spend on food a day

It will be amazing how much people spend on food daily as they go about their daily activities.
The average Lagosian, the commonman, spend as much as N500 eating out, not to talk of calculating what they eat at home. sampled opinions of people to know how much they spend on food daily.
Eniola Akinola
I spend about N500 if I eat two times a day. But it can be more than that if I really have money. If I am so buoyant, I can spend about N1,500 to eat two times a day.
Seun Adeleke
About N260 – N300 per day. I eat once and I snack once before going home.
Samson Johnson
I spend N300 daily on food. I eat out two times before going back home. N200 the first time and I snack the second time.
Shehu Tijani
Maybe N800, not because I like food so much but because food is expensive where I work. A plate of food cost N500 without water, if you want to buy water, it is N100, that is N600 already. I  snack later on with the remaining change.
Sunday Abolore
That would be nothing less than N300. I eat once and it is usually N300 per plate. I don’t like eating late in the night. I prefer to eat out and snack when I get back home and get back home to sleep.
John Nkechi
I spend N600 daily on food. I eat once but I like buying goat meat, I love it so much that I can’t do without eating two. I buy one sometimes if I don’t have so much money on me.
Lukman Hassan
I spend N650 daily and I eat once. If I eat pounded yam and fish.
Chinedu Oselukwe
N1,150 is what I spend in a day. I eat once because I can only eat in an eatery. Sometimes I do without food if I cannot afford to spend that amount of money. I have tried mama put and I ended up in the hospital.
Kayode Okeowo
I spend N1,050 on food but not daily because I cannot afford to eat daily. I snack when I cannot eat food, but I spend that amount two times in a week.
Micah Archibong
About N1,100 per day but recession has made me reduce it. I don’t have mixed amount I spend now, sometimes I go without food if I don’t have much on me.
Victor Oriire
That would be N950. And I eat once a day.
Rotimi Olushola
I spend N200. There is recession, I can’t even afford more than that amount. I eat once and that is all, no snack there after.
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