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What’s trending today (Thursday, January 30, 2014)

Nigerian woman throws out cat for being gay

In Lafia, Nassarawa, a Nigerian woman has thrown her pet cat on the street for being gay.

She complained that the seven year-old cat named Bull has been running after male cats, trying to have sex with them when there are numerous female cats around.

“Anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.”

Men accused of stealing food from garbage bin freed

The three men accused of stealing £33 food from Iceland garbage bin in London, the United Kingdom, have been freed.

The case against Paul May, Jason Chan and Williams James, was dropped by prosecutors who maintained that it was not in public interest to go ahead.

Man finally finds stranger who saved his life

Jonny Benjamin has finally found the stranger who saved his life in 2008.  And he’s ecstatic that his campaign dubbed Finding Mike led him to Neil Layborn, 31, who talked him out of committing suicide when he was about to jump off Waterloo Bridge, London, the United Kingdom.

26 year-old Benjamin who suffers from schizophrenia launched the campaign earlier this month.

Millionaire takes new lover, tells wife to be housekeeper

A London court, in the United Kingdom, has ruled that a millionaire who took a new lover and asked his wife to be their housekeeper, should pay the aggrieved woman £6 million.

The lucky woman in her 50s, who spent over 20 years of her life with the man in his 70s, did not have any children for him.

Britons becoming more light-fingered, steal £1.7 billion at self-service tills

Self service tills are making it easier for Britons to steal – and in the last year, items worth £1.7 billion were pilfered!

Many Britons who took part in the survey admit to pilfering £15 worth of goods, with fruits, vegetables and bakery items most popular.

Shoppers say they are stealing at scan-it-yourself tills because they are in dire straits and the machine was easy to fool.

Sultan of Brunei’s ex-wife loses £11.6 million jewels

Mariam Aziz, the former wife of Sultan of Brunei lost £11.6 million jewels at her Kensington, London, the United Kingdom, home in 2009 –and her former bodyguard and personal assistant, Fatimah Lin, 35, is on trial for the theft.

The three pieces of jewelry –a bracelet containing eight diamonds worth £3.5 million, a yellow diamond put at £600,000 and a flawless 12-carat blue diamond ring valued at £7.7 million –were carefully replaced with cheap replicas.

But the theft was discovered in 2009 when the jewels were to be re-sized.

Murder convict, Michael Adebolajo plots appeal

Michael Adebolajo, 26, and father of four children, who was convicted of killing soldier, Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London, the United Kingdom, on May 22, 2013, along with his friend, Michael Adebowale, 22, is plotting to appeal the conviction.

The murder in broad day light horrified the world!



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