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What’s trending today (Wednesday, January 29, 2014) (2)

Sainsbury chief executive Justin King resigns

Leading supermarket in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury has accepted the resignation of its chief executive, Justin King who is leaving in July.


Men in court for taking food from supermarket bin

One of the men caught taking food from Iceland supermarket bin in London (the United Kingdom) will be tried in court in February for allegedly stealing cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and cakes.

The freelance web designer, Paul May, 35, and two his squat mates were arrested in Kentish Town on October 25,2013.

The accused are expected to argue in court that the food taken from the garbage bin were already discarded by the supermarket.



Tycoon’s daughter says she enjoys being a lesbian

Gigi Chao, daughter of Hong Kong’s tycoon who offered £40m to any man who would marry her, has enjoined her father to accept her lesbian partner.

The 33 year-old woman says her father (Cecil Chao) should treat her partner (Sean Eve) whom she married in France in 2012 “like a normal, dignified person.”


iPods going out of style

Portable audio gadget launched in 2001, the iconic iPod, is  going out of style –as its sales dipped by 52 per cent, with further drops expected.

The 12 year-old device has lost its appeal with the advent of newer, multi-functional phones.


Schumacher still in coma one month after crash

Formula 1 hero, Michael Schumacher is  still in a medically induced coma one month after a skiing accident.

His manager, Sabine Kehm said the seven-time world champion is in stable condition in a Grenoble clinic.

45 year-old Schumacher suffered severe head injury on December 29, 2013, when his head hit a rock while skiing in the French Alps.



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