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Parents of JP Morgan victim wants probe over his plunge to death 

The parents of JP Morgan IT executive who died following a fall from the financial institution’s 33 storey structure in Canary Wharf, London, the United Kingdom, on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, morning, have requested for the truth about the episode.

Bill and Weil Magee, who live in New Mexico, United States of America, are after the truth about their 39 year-old son’s death at JP Morgan’s European Headquarters.

Gabriel Magee was said to be in a happy and stable long-term relationship with his girlfriend –and both were planning to start a family.


Want a house in London?

You need £400,000! 

The average London home will set you back by £403,792, the Land Registry revealed.

A continuing shortage of homes for sale and growing number of first time buyers are thought to be the source of the boom.


‘I was just relaxing’

–          61 year-old accused of sleeping with cow and sheep tells police 

Paul Lovell, 61, the IT worker accused of trying to make a cow and sheep have sex with him told Police when confronted at the scene that he was just relaxing –even though he was seen naked, wearing only his socks and shoes.

The defendant who was in court today following the September 2013 incident in North London, the United Kingdom, has pleaded not guilty.


Man eats free food for a year  at airline’s lounge with a single first class ticket 

A smart man ate 300 times at China Eastern Airlines’ lounge in Xi’an Airport, Shaanxi, China, with a single first class ticket which he never used.

He changed the date on his ticket every day after enjoying himself at the lounge.

And when he realized he was going to be caught, he cancelled the ticket, got a full refund –and disappeared.


8 year-old who saved relatives from fire gets a hero’s funeral 

A hero’s funeral has been lined up for an eight year-old boy who bravely rescued many of his relations from fire –but died at the last attempt in the blaze.

Tyler Doohan saved six family members from the burning mobile home on January 19, 2014, when fire broke overnight.  But when he went again to rescue his disabled grandfather, he died in the blaze.

More than $60,000 has been raised already, and Penfield Fire Company, a volunteer unit in New York, United States of America, will declare Tyler a hero ad present his family a special helmet.


Girl writes emotional letter to family to spend more time with her

adnoteAsked to write a letter with only 100 words on her first 100th day in school, a girl penned an emotional letter about her family spending more time with her.

‘For the 100th day of school, I want 100 years with my family.  I can spend time with them all day, because I never get to see them.

‘My sister that is 14 never spends time with me…my mom is out working in the yard. I just want to spend time with them.’



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