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White Gig transforms into a Xmas revelry

White Gig 1

HUMMING, whistling and swaying with decent abandon, we are suffused with joy, that at last we can host our partners and associates, friends and well-wishers at the biggest and classiest white party known to mankind before 2013 finally rolls seamlessly into 2014.  We are ecstatic and exhilarated, that prayers of benediction by intercessors on our behalf have found anchorage.  And we are full of gratitude to all lovers of ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, everyone who has wished us well and sent us warm wishes on the occasion of our 16th anniversary.  We have a lot to be thankful for and we are full of gratitude to God Almighty.

And with this sixth edition of The White Gig, at Yard 158 (on Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos) on Sunday, December 22, 2013, all the ingredients of fun are painstakingly assembled for your delight.  The 6-hour extravaganza, with food and drinks, music and more, will leave our guests pampered and contented.  Ladies and gentlemen, those we are ever honoured to have on our guest list, stars of music and movies, comedy and television, uncommon entrepreneurs and serious professionals, politicos and power brokers, accompany us on this odyssey of excitement, with pleasure and satisfaction as destination.



It has taken a long time, this preparation for the sixth edition of The White Gig.  In fact, it has been postponed twice!  Yes, on account of the challenging and toilsome period.  But we are glad to be back, planning and fine-tuning details of The White Gig.  And we are turning this wondrous event loved by legions to a Christmas party.  Let’s celebrate Xmas with a difference, in all-white ensembles (like we did once before at Darlington Hall in Ilupeju, Lagos in 2010).

On Sunday, December 22, 2013, three days before we mark the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, join us at the gig which leads on many fronts.

We are assembling our Xmas paraphernalia, and plotting to turn Yard 158 to a brilliant arena with colourful décor and lights which will bring memories of a beautiful yuletide home.

Well-wishers and friends, partners and associates, it will be a Merry Xmas with a thousand jolly souls laughing and dancing, networking and enjoying.


White Gig 2


We never cut corners or look for the shortest and most convenient way to achieve our plots.  We think and plan, plot and fine-tune, and go back to the drawing table to ensure that we pick the best options available.  And as far as exquisite venues go, we applaud Yard 158, on Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja (Lagos).

The beautiful venue, with first class facilities and ample parking space, surpasses our expectations.  The expansive marquee, the biggest we have used for any of our events, comes with enormous space to prance and realize our dreams.  And we count our blessings, grateful that we have a partner in Yard 158.



We never forget our humble beginning in 1997, when we didn’t see round the corner or beyond our noses.  When we started this journey, hopeful and eager to impress, with scores of supporters all around us.  We are quick to acknowledge that it is not by our power or intelligence, hard work and talent.  Like we have been taught, talent accounts for little. Grace is everything.  And we are happy that our dreams of producing leading journals of records and colourful events that splash the calendar crimson and cheerful, have found favour.

We are enveloped with appreciation, and this revelry of thanksgiving, the communion of gratitude is one way of showing it.

Those whose bosoms are filled with kindness and warmth, who encourage endeavours and nudge beginnings to action, we salute you.  And invite you to prepare for our jaw-dropping gig where pleasure, bliss, fun and excitement will walk side by side.  For this White Gig, the ‘odometre’ of enjoyment will be at the highest scale.

From ambience to décor, music and entertainment content, food and drinks and the assemblage of colourful characters all dressed to the nines in white ensembles, you can’t get it any better.



The all-white invitation cards, with silver touches and the colours of the rainbow on its edge, is ready. And this week, those we adore and love hosting at our events will receive their invite (shown on top).  Our courier company is already at work, as many of our guests (who received text messages to confirm their addresses are doing so) are preparing for Sunday, December 22, 2013.

So, if you are on our guest list, kindly get yourself the most fabulous all-white ensemble you can assemble.  It’s the White Gig, so your duds must be white.  Not off-white or cream.  White.

But your accessories from shoes to headgear can be in the colours of the rainbow.  Your clothes, your white attires, can, however, be formal or casual, Western or traditional.

The day is around the corner, get your ensemble in good time.



The rules of dress code (not colour code), arrival and departure, are relaxed for The White Gig.  You can stroll in at anytime, between 4 and 10 p.m on Sunday, December 22, 2013.  But rules of engagement and decency, of courtesy and respect, are enforced.  There’s zero tolerance for rudeness in any environment, and we are glad that our guests are ladies and gentlemen who are well-bred and considerate.  They don’t look down on anyone, and are always at their best behavior.  They park their vehicles without obstructing anyone, obey our traffic officials, present their invites at the gate, and treat all with decent respect.


White Gig 3


We always have on our side the best in the business of events planning, management and service provision.  Since 2007 when we started this endeavour of celebrating our good fortune, we have been more than lucky.

And for this sixth season of The White Gig, we applaud some of the best in the business who will ensure that you will not forget this event in a long time:

Yard 158 on Kudirat Abiola Way (Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos), is well-planted in the hub of the city of chic and commerce, and right at the capital of entertainment.  The marquee is large with facilities we are still salivating over from conveniences to car park.

K-Square Kunle Komolafe’s gentle giants who are courteous but firm are in charge of security.  Civil and respectful, they entertain no transgression.

Kiss Events from stage, sound, lights and barriers, they understand the lexicon of entertainment like professors.

Open Hands the wife and husband duo are familiar with splendor and opulence, and we are comfortable with leaving our décor and lights in their expert care.

DJ Jimmy Jatt we have come across many good people, but DJ Jimmy Jatt stands in a league of one. Humble and amiable, not a whimper of complaint comes from the lips of the African king of disc jockeys whose contribution to entertainment leads by kilometers.

Labash Bashiru Tanimowo is standing in his calling as the numero uno of fresh fruit juices and cocktail.

12 Baskets Michael Afolaranmi has come a long way, mastering the business and the tricks, and sticking to best business practice as far as small chops go and excelling well and succeeding.

Bonix when it comes to drinks, all sorts that quench thirst and satisfy palates, Bonix’s competitors are far behind by years.

Bissy Cat, Markz Catering, Hot Pot, Mr. De Chinese are a quartet with the knowledge of delicious and sumptuous meals served piping hot and with the right plates and cutlery and glasses.

We are lucky to count as friends Nigeria Police, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officers and men who sweat to ensure you are cool.



We are boarding the flight of entertainment with 7-star enjoyment on the bill but you can still get a first class ticket as a serious sponsor or partner at The White Gig.  With benefits difficult to equal, you can join us at the grandest, classiest and biggest white party on planet earth.

Kindly call or text 08055002034, or send a mail to



A branded table of ten guests, planted at the hub of the gig, with all the goodies under the sky and the sun at your beck and call, can be yours with minimal effort.  Please, call or text 08055002034 for more details.



Where would we be without patrons of our journals of records?  Nowhere!  So, we are always partial to our readers.  They are usually a part of our events, and this White Gig is no different.  Scores of our readers will partake in this 6-hour extravaganza.  Interested?  Register your name and address.  Text 08055002034 or email with your details…



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