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Why Awolowo abstained from sex for 3 years

Chief Obafemi Awolowo (March 6, 1909 – May 9, 1987), statesman and nationalist, abstained from sex for three years while he was a student of Law in the United Kingdom.

Already married in Nigeria to Chief (Mrs) H. I.D. Awolowo (since December 26, 1937), the foremost politician shunned women from 1944 – 1947 (while he was at University of London and called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple on November 19, 1946).
In ‘Awo as a Philosopher’  by Prof. Moses Akin Makinde  (on page 195 – 196), the sage explained why he kept away from women.
Here are the reasons Chief Awolowo listed:
1. He wanted to live morally and ethically, upright and chaste since he had already spent seven years as a married man.
2. Since he bought foodstuffs and cooked, many ladies offered to assist, especially those whose boyfriends were in the war front. But he declined since he knew the ladies (from Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia) were desperate for partners to protect them from immigration laws.
3. He shunned the advances since he took a vow of monogamy, believing that ten minutes of fun could ruin everything.
4. To avoid temptation, he also kept away from nightclubs. Even invitations from friends to night clubs were rebuffed since he knew what it could lead to.
5. If he had honoured one of the invitations, he could have died as the club he was invited to was raided that night with everyone killed.



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