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Why Fab Juice bar is a place to visit – Jerry Okose

One of the juice bar making waves across Lagos and its environ is Fab Juice bar, located in the high brow area of Lekki. It has branches spread across the metropolis, Surulere, Ajah to be precise. More branches would spring up in no distant time.
Jerry Okose, the brain behind the fabulous idea had a chat with us on how it all started and where they are heading

What gave birth to Fab Juice Bar?

The decision to set up Fab Juice came with the idea of creating an atmosphere whereby people can have healthy meals and drinks on the go. This we noticed was not existing in the market as easy and simple as having fast food products. We identified it as a missing gap and decided to bridge it. This came when the food sector was growing so fast and people were in need of healthy meal on the go.

What are the various services you render to customers?

Fab Juice Bar started out to be a revolutionary brand of cold press juicing, smoothie, and epic salads from organic produce. One key attribute about us is that, people get the freshest produce. We ran a survey to check how much fruits and vegetables people consume daily, and there wasn’t a conscious deliberate effort to include vegies and fruits in their daily diet, so we decided to put up a product that has this balance of different vegetables and fruits packed together, that makes up for the daily requirement, we also introduced sandwich and wraps as our customers wants healthy meal.

One core value we maintain is that, we use all natural products, even for those who rather want sweet things, we use natural products for them as well.

What are your Unique Selling Points?

We try to get our products directly from source, we consult farmers at different locations and we transport the product directly from their farm just to maintain the freshness. It is a costly venture which requires a whole lot of logistics, but we try to reduce the cost for our customers.

I believe our juice is quite affordable, we don’t have produce supply that extends to the following week.

Tell us your success story so far?

Fab juice started about 18months ago but it now has three locations, Circle mall at Lekki, leisure mall in Surulere, and the third in Ajah axis. We also plan to have more branches as our customers demand for it.

What stands you out from other healthy food stores?

One thing about us is that, we are a revolutionary brand. We are not just the regular type of juice bar.  We have different techniques and processes which doesn’t give the same quality with other brands. We offer the best juice quality,we decided to go for the latest technology which juices about 15 revolution per minute which gently extracts the juice to a degree of about 90% such that  when it comes out, it is extremely dry, that is the cold press method. Usually, the common and cheapest method is the Centri fugal machine but with it, the pur comes out and its extremely wet, loosing a lot of products and nutrients into the pur, because of the high speed which produces pressure into the juice, it also introduces rapid oxidation.

Some juice will even have different layers of separation as a result of the air in it, that is the reaction of oxygen with the juice. Such juice cannot be bottled or stored because the fighting nutrients have been degraded and destroyed. That is where Fab juice bar comes in, what makes us unique is the kind of technology we use, which is the latest and the best.

What are the special offers you deliver to your customers? 

As for our services, We offer customers opportunity  to take the experience back to their homes. This is done by making the appliances available to interested customers. We keep very little to no trade secret, so we want people to come back and testify about the progress in their health status.

This is our way of giving back to the society. Our blenders and other appliances are available for sale here in our outlet.

Your vision?

Our vision is a global vision. Our market not only expands in Nigeria but we are also innovating means of taking this down to the inner area, where the needs are. Fab Juice is hoping to have multiple stores, we are having different segment of our menu that will cater for those with critical health issues and needs so while we have a crowd appeal, we also have a personal touch.

Do you offer special healthy diet plans?

‘We have programs for customers to keep a healthy life style.  We offer services to clients who have personal and health needs based on request. We offer weight lost programmes as well, we have seven days plan, three days plan and a day plan or even half a day programme. We have plans on creating awareness on health related issues in schools, generally, our concept is to balance health and wellness. A lot of people do say they have not heard of some of the products we use but these are things all around us. In as much as we want to balance health and wellness, we also care about the taste as well.  The fact that it tastes good doesn’t mean it is not healthy and the fact that it taste bad doesn’t mean it is not healthy as well.



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